Worst Pickup Lines Ever

If the queer history of pickup lines teaches us anything about the contemporary world, it is that they are as much vilified as they are adored. They have never ceased in their effort to make one seem like a likable person to the one to whom he or she is drawn, like a moth to a flame.

However, just as with individuals, there are some who are excellent and some who are terrible, the same is true with pickup lines–there are those who are good and others who are horrible. And, just as beauty is subjective, the assessment of a pickup line’s quality is subjective as well. To one individual, a pickup line may sound terribly stupid, while to another, it may sound wonderfully lovely.

If you’re having trouble breaking the ice on your own, you may use a pickup line to test the waters, but be discreet and avoid terrible ones. The discussion may end even before it begins, but you have to give it a go, right? Although the following pickup lines are classified under the category of worst pickup lines, they will work differently with different individuals. Nonetheless, you have a read!

List of Worst Pickup Lines

I may not be the most attractive man in this room, but I am the only one speaking to you.

If you were a new McDonald’s hamburger, you would be McGorgeous.

Excuse me, do you have your phone number? It seems as if I’ve misplaced mine.

As a newcomer to town, may I perhaps get directions to your residence?

Are you sure you don’t have any band-aids? Because I scraped my knees while falling in love with you.

Are your forefathers and mothers Iraqis? Because I believe you are incredible!

Are you armed with a map? I’m always losing myself in your gaze.

(Handing the lady the rose…) I just wanted to demonstrate to this rose how lovely you are…

You must be exhausted… you’ve been on my thoughts all night.

Examine the tag on her clothing and remark, “I’m checking to verify whether you were really created in paradise.”

Is it true that your father was a thief?’

Due to the fact that someone took the stars from the sky to place them in your eyes.

You seem to be the kind of girl who has already heard every phrase in the book. Therefore, what is one more?

Bond. Bond, James.

My love for you is like an energizer bunny; it never stops.

Are you a Tennessee native? Because you are the only 10 that I observe!

I’d marry your cat just to become a member of the family.

Excuse me; have you spotted my stolen Nobel Prize anywhere around here?

Are you currently taking applications for membership in your fan club?

How are you? My name is Doug. That’s “god” written backwards with a dash of you thrown in.

You’re a broom, baby, because you just swept me off my feet.

You’re so sweet, baby, that you’ve put Hershey’s out of business.

You’re so lovely; are you causing me toothache?

Didn’t I see you on Vogue’s cover?

Are you naturally this adorable, or did you have to work at it?

I’m standing next to you, the Pretty Woman, and I’m feeling like Richard Gere.

I felt compelled to come and speak with you. My weakness is sweetness.

I believe I can die happily today, having just seen a bit of paradise.

I am not inebriated; I am just intoxicated by you.

I’m (your name) and you are…gorgeous!

Were you arrested previously? To look so nice must be unlawful.

How does it feel to be the prettiest girl in the room?

Men fall in love because of you.

Oh, my little baby! For a brief time, I believed I had died and ascended to paradise. Now I realize that I am fully alive, and paradise has come to me.

Please excuse me…..

Hello, I’m currently working on a term paper on the better things in life and was hoping to interview you…

Guy: Apologies, but you still owe me a drink. Young lady: Why? Guy: I raised my eyes to you and dropped mine.

If beauty were time, you would be immortal.

I’m guessing you can’t wait till tomorrow, since I’m guessing you’re becoming more gorgeous by the day.

Would you want to view a photograph of a stunning woman? (hold up a mirror) Babe, your beauty makes the morning light seem as dull as the moon’s sparkle.

Here’s hope you utilize the pickup lines wisely and cautiously, and just to break the ice, rather than risking the fracture of your bodily parts. Best wishes!