Why was it called The Rainmaker?

Why was it called The Rainmaker?

The word “rainmaker” stems from Native American culture, which embraced the idea that an individual could bring rain through mysticism, religion or science. Now the term is broadly used to classify any individual who brings about a high-level of success, particularly in terms of revenue and sales.

Is John Grisham in The Rainmaker?

The Rainmaker is a 1997 American legal drama film written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola based on John Grisham’s 1995 novel of the same name….The Rainmaker (1997 film)

The Rainmaker
Based on The Rainmaker by John Grisham
Starring Matt Damon Claire Danes Jon Voight Mary Kay Place Mickey Rourke Danny DeVito
Music by Elmer Bernstein

Is The Rainmaker true story?

Joel Coen later clarified that the movie is based on an actual event, but that the surrounding story is fictional. He said, “If an audience believes that something’s based on a real event, it gives you permission to do things they might otherwise not accept.”

What is the plot of The Rainmaker?

Struggling new attorney Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon) resorts to working for a shady lawyer (Mickey Rourke), where he meets paralegal Deck Shifflet (Danny DeVito). When the insurance company of Dot Black (Mary Kay Place) refuses her dying son coverage, Baylor and Shifflet team up to fight the corrupt corporation, taking on its callous lawyer (Jon Voight). Meanwhile, Baylor becomes involved with Kelly Riker (Claire Danes), an abused wife, whose husband complicates matters when he confronts Baylor.

Who wins the case in The Rainmaker?

The trial ends with a plaintiff’s judgment of $50.2 million. Great Benefit quickly declares itself bankrupt, thus allowing it to avoid paying the judgment. This leads to a series of lawsuits which forces Great Benefit out of business.

What is the main issue in The Rainmaker?

A young Tennessee lawyer fresh out of law school takes the case of his life in this amazing courtroom drama. When a big insurance company tries to keep from having to pay for the care that a young man diagnosed with leukemia needs, the family decides to hire a lawyer.

How does The Rainmaker end?

Matt Damon wins the case to the tune of fifty million dollars. However, the insurance company declares bankruptcy so there will be no payout. Rudy decides to teach law rather than practice it and he and Kelly drive off together. Kelly doesn’t get prosecuted for killing her husband as it was self defense.

What does The Rainmaker do in Looper?

To Old Joe, the person responsible for taking what was his is someone named the Rainmaker, who is basically the all-powerful telekinetic Hitler of 2074, controlling everything in society from the government to the citizenry to the mobs and their operations.

Why is Danny Glover uncredited Rainmaker?

Glover was under exclusive contract to another film project during the filming of “The Rainmaker.” It’s a loophole, to be sure, but actors do it more often than might be suspected. Another possibility is a contract dispute or litigation pending with the filmmakers when “The Rainmaker” was released.

Does Danny Glover have a son who is an actor?

San Francisco-born actor and director Danny Glover does not have a biological son. He has only one daughter. Danny ended his 24-year marriage to his ex-wife Asake Bomani in 1999. On January 5, 1976, he and his ex-wife had their only biological child named Mandisa Glover.

What does the ending of Looper mean?

Basically, Looper ends with young Joe making an unselfish decision to take his own life as a means to save another. He has developed a love and fondness for Sara and Cid, despite realizing that Cid is most likely going to grow up to be the Rainmaker.

Are Joe and CID the same person in Looper?

At the end of Looper, Young Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) realizes that Cid (Pierce Gagnon) only becomes the evil known as The Rainmaker after Old Joe (Bruce Willis) kills Cid’s mother, Sara (Emily Blunt).

Who is the bad guy in Looper?

Old Joe is the main antagonist of the 2012 film Looper. He is the future version of Joseph Simmons, a Looper who assassinates people for the Mob using time travel.

Is Looper R rated?

Looper opens today in theaters, and is rated ‘R’ for strong violence, language, some sexuality/nudity and drug content.

Does CID still become the Rainmaker?

2. The film surmises Old Joe killing Sarah eventually made Cid become the Rainmaker. But Old Joe can’t become Old Joe without first being killed and letting Young Joe grow up to meet his wife. In that timeline though, Cid would grow up normal because Sarah wasn’t killed by Joe.

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