Why are countries fighting over Kashmir?

Why are countries fighting over Kashmir?

The conflict started after the partition of India in 1947 as both India and Pakistan claimed the entirety of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a dispute over the region that escalated into three wars between India and Pakistan and several other armed skirmishes.

Why is the Kashmir region so important?

Kashmir because of its physical contiguity with India and Pakistan, water assets, physical access with the Great Silk Route (Ancient Economic exchange course, Starts from China, hurries to Europe through Central Asia) has an awesome geo-political, monetary, key and military significance for the two nations.

Why is there a conflict between India and Pakistan?

Territorial disputes over the Kashmir region sparked two of the three major Indo-Pakistani wars in 1947 and 1965, and a limited war in 1999. Although both countries have maintained a fragile cease-fire since 2003, they regularly exchange fire across the contested border, known as the Line of Control.

Is Kashmir the most beautiful place on earth?

Leading travel magazine Lonely Planet has ranked the state as the best romantic destination in India. Known as the paradise on Earth, Kashmir has been ranked as the world’s second most romantic destination, only next to Switzerland.

Which place is called heaven of world?

Switzerland, also known as heaven on earth.

Which is most beautiful district in world?

Munnar is the most beautiful hill station in idukki district, which has largest tea plantations in the world. Munnar cannot be portrayed in a single canvas. Everything and anything here will make us excited. The hills, the mist, the valleys, the streams, the waterfalls, tea plantations, rare flora and fauna.

Which place is called heaven on earth in India?

Jammu and Kashmir

What is known as heaven on earth?

↪Jammu and Kashmir is known as the heaven on Earth . ↪State of Jammu and Kashmir has Diverse cultural traditions . ↪Jammu and Kashmir is the very beautiful place in India .