Who ran for California governor 2014?

Who ran for California governor 2014?

2014 California gubernatorial election

Nominee Jerry Brown Neel Kashkari
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 4,388,368 2,929,213
Percentage 60.0% 40.0%

Who ran against Gavin Newsom in 2018?

2018 California gubernatorial election

Candidate Gavin Newsom John H. Cox
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 7,721,410 4,742,825
Percentage 61.9% 38.1%

How many Californians voted in 2018?

Record 19.6 Million Californians Registered to Vote

Political Party #Registered (2018) % of Total (2018)
Democratic 8,557,427 43.45%
Republican 4,735,054 24.04%
No Party Preference 5,419,607 27.52%
American Independent 508,364 2.58%

How was Newsom elected?

Newsom was sworn in as lieutenant governor on January 10, 2011, and served as the Lieutenant Governor under Governor Jerry Brown. Newsom was re-elected as Lieutenant Governor of California on November 4, 2014, defeating Republican Ron Nehring with 57.2% of the vote. His second term began on January 5, 2015.

Who takes over if a Governor is recalled?

On the 38th day after the election, if the recall is successful, the Secretary of State will certify the election results and the new Governor would take the oath of office and assume the position.

Who is the governor of California now 2021?

Incumbent. Gavin Newsom The governor of California is the head of state and head of government of the U.S. state of California.