Which positions make up the command staff?

Which positions make up the command staff?

Command Staff: The Command Staff consists of the Public Information Officer, Safety Officer, and Liaison Officer. They report directly to the Incident Commander. They may have an Assistant or Assistants, as needed.

What is a incident safety officer?

The Incident Safety Officer (ISO) is a senior member of the “Command Team”. This person works directly under and with the incident commander (IC) to help manage the risks that our members take at emergencies. These components are strategy, tactics, and resources, risk management and estimated outcomes.

What does the public information officer do in NIMS?

NIMS applies to all incidents, from planned events to traffic accidents to major disasters. At all levels of incident management, public information personnel are responsible for gathering, analyzing, and proactively disseminating information to ensure accurate, timely updates on the incident or event.

Is 29 public information officer awareness?

The Public Information Officer Awareness Course (IS0029) is designed to familiarize participants with the concepts underlying the PIO role. Additionally, it can provide those in executive level roles the necessary knowledge of PIO roles and responsibilities during an emergency.

What is the role of a public information officer?

Public Information Officer Duties & Responsibilities Communicate critical information effectively to the public. Write press releases and prepare information for distribution by media outlets. Draft speeches and arrange interviews for government officials. Respond to requests for information from media outlets.

What is the 95 5 concept?

The 95/5 concept relates to non-emergency and emergency PIO activities – 95% of most PIOs’ work is in non-emergency times, with only 5% directly related to incident response or recovery.

What are the responsibilities of the liaison officer?

Liaison officer duties include the following:

  • acting as contact points for all agency or organizational personnel;
  • keeping lists of the agencies or personnel representing the person, agency or organization;
  • facilitating meetings and cooperation among people, agencies and organizations;

What are the key skills of a safety officer?

Key skills for health and safety advisers

  • strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • IT literate.
  • committed to further study.
  • an eye for detail.
  • good interpersonal skills and a willingness to work with people at all levels of an organisation.

How do you list safety skills on a resume?


  1. Carrying out post incident analysis.
  2. Establishing workplace safety and health committees.
  3. Knowledge of decontamination procedures.
  4. Knowledge of good safety practices.
  5. Developing emergency procedures.
  6. Ability to maintain effective work relationships with people from all social backgrounds.

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