Where does Joe Messina live?

Where does Joe Messina live?


How old is Joe Messina?

92 years (December 13, 1928)

Are any members of the Funk Brothers still alive?

Benjamin died in 1969. Allen succumbed to cancer in 2002 shortly after completing production on the Funk Brothers documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown.” Just four Funk Brothers are alive now. Jones is survived by his wife, June, and three children.

How many Funk Brothers are there?

There are 13 Funk Brothers identified in Paul Justman’s 2002 documentary film Standing in the Shadows of Motown, based on Allan Slutsky’s book of the same name. These 13 members were identified by NARAS for the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and were recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

How old are the Funk Brothers?

Corey Funk was born on June 10, 1996 in California, USA, to Kimberly Ann and Robert Funk. He has an older brother named Capron who is also a professional scooter rider. Capron constitutes one-third of the YouTube channel ‘Funk Bros’. The brothers have a cousin named Tyler who is also a part of their joint channel.

Who was the Motown house band?

The Funk Brothers

Which artist is considered the Godfather of Soul?

James Brown

How long did Motown last?

Detroit: 1959–1972. Early Tamla/Motown artists included Mable John, Eddie Holland and Mary Wells. “Shop Around”, the Miracles’ first number 1 R&B hit, peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1960. It was Tamla’s first million-selling record.

Who started Motown Records?

Berry Gordy

What was Motown Records nickname?

Motor City

Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top 10 R&B/Soul Singers of All…

  1. Otis Redding. Like way too many of the soul legends on this list, Otis Redding died tragically young.
  2. Marvin Gaye.
  3. Sam Cooke.
  4. Aretha Franklin.
  5. Ray Charles.
  6. Al Green.
  7. Stevie Wonder.
  8. James Brown.