Where can you see whales in New Zealand?

Where can you see whales in New Zealand?

The Best Places To Go Whale Watching In New Zealand

  • Kaikōura. Canterbury.
  • Malborough Sounds. North of the South Island.
  • Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Depart From The Viaduct.
  • Moutohora Island. Bay of Plenty.
  • Akaroa. South Island.

When can you see whales in New Zealand?

The resident population of sperm whales at Kaikoura can be seen all year round. Orca (killer whales) may be seen from December to March, and humpback whales in June and July. Several dolphin species are seen almost daily in the area. Whales thrive close to Kaikoura because of its unusual submarine landscape.

Where can I watch whales from the land?

The Whale Watching Center/ Depoe Bay Sea Wall, (541) 765-3304. Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint, (541) 265-4560. Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint/ Cape Foulweather, (541) 265-4560. Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area, (541) 265-4560.

Do whales know what humans are?

That much scientists know. But in a new study, researchers compiled a list of the rich behaviours spotted in 90 different species of dolphins, whales and porpoises, and found that the bigger the species’ brain, the more complex – indeed, the more “human-like” – their lives are likely to be.

Do lionesses eat their cubs?

Maren Huck, a lecturer in animal behavioral ecology at the University of Derby in the UK, told CNN that lionesses did sometimes eat their cubs in the wild, although it was a more frequent occurrence in captivity. In the wild, if a female isn’t fit enough herself, she is more likely to eat her cubs.”

Do lioness kill their cubs?

Lionesses do not ALLOW a new male to kill her cubs- she doesn’t get much choice in the matter- the lionesses do try their best to kick the male lions butts for as long as they can- but when the cubs’ sire has been cast out or killed, the lioness has no way to save the cubs.