What is the theme of The Selfish Giant story?

What is the theme of The Selfish Giant story?

The key theme in this story is that selfishness is ultimately self-defeating and self-destructive, as these actions result in misery. As the seasons pass, the garden itself remains locked in perpetual winter, with flowers and trees refusing to bloom. When the children return, this winter finally ends.

Why is the giant called selfish answer?

Answers: The Giant was called selfish because he wanted to keep his garden reserved only for himself. He banned the entry of outsiders there. In both the cases the children are referring to the Giant’s garden.

What made Velu miserable?

Velu felt miserable and exhausted because he had run away from his village two days ago and had not eaten anything except some peanuts and a piece of jaggery for the last two days.

Who did giant love most and why?

The little boy is the one who the giant loves the most because he wanted to climb the tree but he couldn’t so the giant helped him climbthe tree and when other children used to come play he asked them where is a little boy they said that they didn’t know where he lived so he waited a lot and one day he came and there …

What made the giant realize his mistake?

What did he realize on seeing it? Answer: The Giant saw that through a hole in the wall children had crept in the garden. He realized that it was him who kept the spring away from the garden. He wanted to rectify his mistake, by tearing down the wall and allowing children to play in his garden.

What was Selfish Giant Mistake?

Hey !!! The mistake of selfish Giant being selfish and not allowing the children to play in his garden .

When did the giant realize his mistake?

He realized his mistake when he saw how spring had come in after the children crept into the garden through a little hole in the wall. He was filled with remorse for being unkind and insensitive. At the end of the story, the Giant became very kind and loving to all the children. 2.

Who is the little child compared to in The Selfish Giant?

The little boy in the story is Christ in disguise, and he assumes this form so as to offer the Giant a chance at redemption. The Christ Child first appears among the many children who sneak back inside the Giant’s garden through the hole in the wall, anonymous in the crowd.

Why was it still winter in the giant’s garden?

In the story, winter stands for a negative and desolate environment. In this environment, trees and flowers do not blossom. winter also refers to an atmosphere of depression and laziness. Since birds did not sing, children did not play and spring did not visit the garden, winter prolonged its stay in the garden.

How did the giant learn not to be selfish?

Answer: (i) The Giant saw that the children had entered the garden through a small hole in the wall, and were sitting on the branches of trees. He realised that he was selfish not to allow the children to play in his garden.

What happened to the giant at the end of the story?

He asked his mother for an axe. He cut down the beanstalk before the giant reached the ground. The giant fell to the ground and died.

What does the tree symbolize in The Selfish Giant?

In Wilde’s “The Selfish Giant”, the tree symbolizes the cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified.

How did the Selfish Giant died?

After a very long time, when the Giant was old, he woke up in the morning and saw his little friend in his blooming garden. He quickly ran out and the child told him that he was the Christ and had come to take him to Heaven with him. The Giant died peacefully and his soul rested in Heaven with God.

Where did giant go for 7 years?

the Cornish ogre