What is Kangaroo Island known for?

What is Kangaroo Island known for?

It consists of coastline, mountains, bush land and desert and is home to a variety of wildlife, pristine beaches and wineries. The island is known for its agriculture, fishing and nature reserves. Over 140,000 people visit Kangaroo Island each year, making it one of the most popular destinations in South Australia.

Why is Kangaroo Island important to Aboriginal?

Kangaroo Island became a place where skins replaced coats and where the English language might be forgotten – where Aboriginal women, at first mistreated, were eventually respected for their knowledge of how to live in an uncolonised land.

What is unique about Kangaroo Island?

Fact: Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, after Tasmania and Melville Island. Fact: Kangaroo Island is approximately 4,405 km square (1,701 sq square miles) in area. Fact: Kangaroo Island is 57 km (35 miles) at its widest point and is 1 km (0.6 miles) at its narrowest point.

Who uses Kangaroo Island?

Aboriginal use Kangaroo Island separated from mainland Australia around 10,000 years ago, due to rising sea level after the last glacial period.

Do you need a car on Kangaroo Island?

You can choose to arrive on Kangaroo Island by either ferry or air. You’ll need to either hire a car or bring your own vehicle over on the ferry, as there are no taxis or public transport here. It’s important to pre-book all your travel arrangements, including flights, ferry, car hire and accommodation.

Can you swim on Kangaroo Island?

The astonishing bay is famous for dolphins and whales spotting, as they usually hang out in the bay’s the Southern Ocean. There are many more to look into at Kangaroo Island, for the majority of the swimming coasts and watering holes are ideal for a holiday swims for the whole family.

How many koalas are there in Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island koala numbers estimated to be down to 8500 from 48,000 before bushfires.

How did the Kangaroo Island fires start 2020?

The 2019-20 summer bushfires on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island were the largest in the island’s recorded history. The bushfire event was ignited by lightning strikes on 20 December, which started the Duncan and Menzies fires, followed by more lightning strikes on 30 December, which started the Ravine fire.

How is Kangaroo Island after the fires?

More than 800 animals orphaned or injured by the fires came through the gates of Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, now the Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre, for rehabilitation. To date, the Centre has had a 40 percent survival rate when the expected was 12 percent.

Is Kangaroo Island worth visiting after the fires?

Yes, there are a lot of burned trees in some areas that you will drive through, but the beauty of Kangaroo Island is more than the sum of it’s parts. It still has the amazing beaches, authentic food and drink experiences, wild and untamed landscapes and of course lots and lots of wildlife.

How long will it take for Kangaroo Island to recover?

Kangaroo Island bushfire recovery could take 10 years, as property clean-up continues.