What episode does cyborg fall in love with Jinx?

What episode does cyborg fall in love with Jinx?

Season 1 (2013–14)

No. overall No. in season Title
41 41 “Opposites”
Cyborg falls in love with Jinx and both try to keep it a secret from the Titans and the H.I.V.E.
42 42 “Birds”
Robin accidentally mutates mocking birds with birdicide, which soon take over the tower.

How did Cyborg beat brother?

Blood soon became aware of Cyborg’s true identity and offered to make him human again if he served him. However, Cyborg demonstrated an unexpected immunity to Blood’s mind control and, the power of his sonic cannon multiplied by the Amplifier, destroyed the entire H.I.V.E. Brother Blood’s defeat.

Who does jinx marry?

Hoffer, 33, who is a winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” married Michael Abbott, 25, in their Portland, Ore., living room with just three housemates as guests. Their friend, the comedian Deven Green, officiated from California. The virtual ceremony, so different from the elaborate Victorian affair Mx.

What is jinx real name?

Jinx appears in DC Universe Online, voiced by Claire Hamilton. She appears as part of the expansion pack “Sons of Trigon”. Jinx appears as a playable character in Lego DC Super-Villains, with Lauren Tom reprising her voice role.

Did Cyborg and Jinx break up?

Cyborg (Love Interest/Boyfriend) After they break up in front of their friends, they secretly reconcile their relationship by kissing and continue dating. In “Be Mine”, Jinx accepts Cyborg’s invitation to be his valentine. Jinx flirting with “Fleshy Guy” in “Real Boy Adventures”.

Who is cyborg dating?

Ray Elbe

Does cyborg like anyone?

Though Cyborg has no Lois Lane or Steve Trevor, the one woman many thought was Cyborg’s love interest was Sarah Simms. She was introduced in the story where Cyborg meets the children with prosthetics. The two develop a friendship, but they never end up together.

Who will Cyborg marry?

Cris Cyborg is engaged to ‘Magical’ Ray Elbe. Ray Elbe is a former professional mixed martial artist and holds a professional MMA record of 23-11.

Who is Cyborg’s main enemy?

Deathstroke, also known as Slade, is a character that has appeared in many various comic books as a super villain, most notably Teen Titans. He has also appeared in the Teen Titans video game.

Who killed cyborg?

In the Teen Titans East one-shot, Cyborg gathered together a new team of Titans. During a training exercise, the group was attacked by Trigon, and Cyborg was blasted by a giant energy beam. He was last seen in a crater, with only his head and torso remaining.