The Right Price

Chapter 24


I was getting inside that ass of hers, and I just hoped that Collins didn’t resent me for it later. I couldn’t imagine that this was how she had envisioned her first time, but I wanted to claim all of her, and I didn’t want to wait. I’d come too close to ruining this thing between us, and I was still feeling affected by it.

When I had played with her ass on Saturday night, Collins had admitted to never having had anal sex before, so I had left things at just fingering her, using her releases as lubricant. I hadn’t wanted her to think that she owed me anal sex because of the money. I hadn’t wanted to push her too far beyond her comfort zone that first night.

However, things were different now.

Using my tongue to pleasure her, it really was a toss-up of who I was doing this for more. While I knew that Collins was enjoying having my face between her thighs, the sounds that she was making would have me eating her pussy all the time, even if I didn’t like to do it. There was just something about driving a woman out of her mind with pleasure that was addicting. However, when it was a woman that you actually had feelings for, well…that was something else entirely. I’d live down here if I could survive off the sounds of Collins’ whimpers and moans.

With my tongue playing with her ass, I slid two fingers inside her tight cunt to get her ready for me. As much as she was enjoying what my tongue was doing, I needed to pull another orgasm out of her, so that my dick could slide inside. Not for nothing, Collins was petite, and I was not a small guy anywhere. We had used her releases as lubricant the last time, and it had worked.

“Oh, God…Evander…” she moaned as my fingers worked her pussy.

With Collins’s first orgasm out of the way, this one had come easier. It hadn’t been a couple of minutes of manipulating that sweet spot inside her pussy that she was cumming for me again.

Standing up, I pushed my pants and underwear down to my thighs, then grabbed the base of my dick, lining it up perfectly with her twitching pussy. “I need to use your pussy to get my dick nice and wet for your ass, baby.”

“Oh, Christ…” she choked out. “Why does that sound so hot?”

I chuckled a bit. “If you think that’s hot, just wait until I’ve got every inch of my dick shoved deep in your tight ass, baby,” I told her. “I’m going to make you feel so fucking good.”

“This is so wrong,” she panted, but she wasn’t telling me no.

“You’re wrong, Collins,” I replied as the head of my dick breached her opening. “Nothing we do will ever be wrong. I don’t even give a fuck if it’s something that we get arrested for.”

“Evander…” she whispered, and I just couldn’t take anymore.

I slid every inch of cock that I had inside her tight, soaked, hot pussy, and it was like being hit by lightning all over again. Collins and her tight cunt were made for me and my dick. I was convinced of it, and no one on the planet could convince me otherwise. I was officially in love and pussy-whipped, and I didn’t give a fuck.

Tightening my grip on her hips, I started railing into her precious body, and it didn’t even cross my mind to tell her to quiet her moans and pleas. While I would never let another person see her this way, I wasn’t completely opposed to letting them hear me fuck the soul from her body. Yeah, it might make things a little uncomfortable whenever she showed up here in the future, but like everything else, I didn’t give a fuck. I only cared about this woman and what she was doing to me.

“Take that dick, baby,” I grunted from behind her. “Show me what a good girl you can be for me.”

“Christ, you feel so good,” she panted. “You always feel so good, Evander.”

If Collins had any idea how I truly felt about her, she would see that it was her that made me feel good, not the other way around. Even though I knew that she was talking about me sexually, Collins made every part of me feel good, and not just my dick when it needed to get wet. Collins was already so deeply embedded inside me that I would have to tear myself to pieces in order to rid myself of her completely. Even then, I still couldn’t be sure that ripping myself apart would work.

“I love you,” I told her, my dick hitting the deepest parts of her. “I fucking love you.” The funny thing was that I really didn’t care if she said it back or not. I didn’t care if she wasn’t there yet. I loved her enough for the both of us right now, and I was incredibly okay with that.

“I’m going to cum,” she warned, and as far as I was concerned, she might as well be telling me that she loved me back. If me telling her that I loved her was igniting an orgasm out of her, then she was feeling my words and that meant something.

“Cum on my cock, baby,” I encouraged her. “I need you to get me all nice and slicked up.”

Knowing where this was going, I let go of her hips, then pulled those sweet ass cheeks of hers apart. Dropping a bead of spit on that tight, hot, forbidden hole of hers, I immediately worked my thumb inside her, and Collins let out a moan that, if possible, only got my dick harder.

“You like that?” I asked, knowing that she did. It was very apparent that Collins like dirty talk, so I was more than happy to accommodate her. “You like it when I play with your ass?”

“Yes,” she choked out, and she barely got the word out before her body was tightening all around me again.

“Fuck yeah,” I muttered as the third orgasm from her body rocked the both of us.

Using her body to aide me, I pulled my thumb out of her ass, then inserted two fingers inside as Collins basked in the high of her release. Her body was pliant, and it was the perfect opportunity to work her open. There was a generalization among men that drunk sex was the perfect time to introduce anal sex to your wife because that’s when it would hurt the least. Alcohol was a sedative, so it made sense. However, your view of screwing your wife while she was intoxicated also factored into that advice.

When I felt Collins’ entire body collapse on my desk, I pulled my dick out of her pussy, then lined it up with the puckered hole of her ass. Now, while I enjoyed anal sex just as much as the next guy, this wasn’t all about getting inside her ass just for the pleasure of it. This really was about claiming every part of her, and I knew that women’s groups everywhere would want to stone me in the town square for that viewpoint. However, as long as Collins didn’t object to my highhanded ways, every other woman could mind her own damn business.

Pushing in the tip of my dick, Collins’ head popped up off the desk. “Shh,” I soothed. “I need you to relax for me, baby.” I was guiding my dick inside her ass with my right hand, so I started rubbing her lower back with my left one.

Now, if she told me to stop, I would, and I’d do it immediately. However, I was really, really, really hoping that she wouldn’t. This was virgin territory that we were entering here, and my dick really wanted in there. Collins was going to squeeze the life out of my cock, and he and I both knew it.

Once the head popped in, Collins’ hands tightened around the edge of the desk. “Evander…it…”

“What, baby?” I bit out as my dick worked its way inside her.

“Oh, God…you feel…it feels…”

Again, she wasn’t telling me to stop, so I kept on until I had eighty percent of my dick in her ass. “Relax, Collins,” I instructed. “Let me make this feel good for you, baby.”

“You’re just so big,” she whimpered, and no man would ever get tired of hearing such a praise.

No man.

“You can take me,” I encouraged. “You can do it, baby.”

It took a couple of intense minutes before Collins would relax long enough to allow me to get into a rhythm, but once I did, her tight ass felt just as phenomenal as her sweet pussy. While I wasn’t going to give her every inch this first time, I was giving her enough, and watching my cock slide in and out of her ass as she moaned, whimpered, and cried out was the perfect ending to everything else that ever existed before her.

“You like that, baby?” I asked. “You like my dick in your ass?”

“Yes,” she cried out, and I wasn’t entirely sure if she was telling the truth. Her cries could be from pleasure or discomfort, but the woman wasn’t telling me to stop, so no looking a gift horse in the mouth here. “Oh, God…Evander…it…it hurts, but…oh, God…how can it feel so good?”

I felt like shouting in victory.

“Take it, Collins,” I grunted, picking up the pace. “Take all of me and let me show you what you do to me.”

Sad to say, it was only minutes later that I was ready to cum inside her, and all because the woman drove me crazy. “Cum inside me, Evander.”

As soon as she said the words, I grunted, “Fuck, I forgot a condom. I-”

“I don’t care,” she cried out. “Please, Evander…I don’t care.”

I grabbed her hips hard enough to leave bruises, then came deep inside her ass. The orgasm ripped up my spine, and the sensation felt so powerful that it was worse than any drug out there.

“I love you,” I grunted as my head dropped onto the middle of her back. “Christ, I love you.”


“Shh, baby,” I said against her back. “Just let me love you.”

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