The Right Price

Chapter 23


“Don’t start something that you can’t finish,” Evander warned. “I mean it, baby.”

I glanced back at the locked office door. “You’re the boss, right?”

“Yeah, I’m the boss,” he assured me.

Turning back to look up at him, I asked, “So, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you take a…uhm, personal break.”

Evander’s grin looked positively tantalizing. “Nothing,” he answered. “Since I only share this floor with Holden, and our secretaries know better, the answer is nothing.” Evander leaned down, so that his lips were near my left ear. “Besides, if I know my brother-and I do-he’s already cleared the floor out.”

“I should be embarrassed by that,” I said on a low moan as Evander’s lips started exploring my delicate skin.

“My office is also soundproof,” he added. “I’ve never tested it out before, but I’m game if you are.”

“I’ll probably never be able to show my face in the building again,” I added weakly.

“Did I also mention that the windows frost, and that the drapes close at the touch of a button?” he continued as his left hand was already running up and underneath the skirt that I hadn’t worn for this purpose.

Well…maybe that wasn’t entirely accurate.

“Even if you are the boss, this isn’t exactly setting the appropriate example,” I kept remarking, though my words could hardly be called protests anymore.

“What’s not appropriate about supporting love?” Evander asked as his fingers slid inside my panties. While I had gone with a skirt, I had ignored Nan’s advice about no panties.

My hands gripped his biceps as soon as I felt him begin to stretch me wide. “Oh, God…”

“Christ, I love how wet you get for me,” he muttered against my neck, and I just dropped my head back and closed my eyes as his teeth latched onto my delicate skin. “I’m going to mark you, baby.”

“I have no problem with that,” I whispered, my hips moving to draw his fingers in deeper. “I have no problems with anything right now.”

Evander’s other hand came around my body, and the man grabbed a full ass cheek, pulling me closer to his body. “I love the way your ass bounces when I fuck you from behind.”

“Bent over your desk, it is,” I shamelessly suggested.

A third finger joined the two that Evander already had pleasuring my body as he asked, “Drapes opened or closed?”

I automatically went to say closed, but I quickly realized how ludicrous that sounded. Only a few days ago, I’d been ready to get on stage and take my clothes off for a room full of strangers. I’d been willing to do it for money, though my confidence at been tested to the extreme when the time had actually come.

So, was I being risqué or slutty when I didn’t immediately object to the opened drapes? What would Evander think of me if I told him to keep the drapes open? Plus, could I really do it? Could I risk letting someone from a neighboring building see me getting bent over Evander’s desk? Sure, we were high up on the top floor of his building, but so were a lot of other people in other buildings.

I heard the slick sounds of Evander sliding in and out of my desperate heat, and I knew that I wasn’t going to last much longer. So, throwing caution to the wind, I asked, “What do you want?”

“The truth?” he asked just as his lips found their way towards my collarbone.

“Yeah,” I panted with need.

“The caveman in me would love to fuck you hard and deep in front of the entire world, baby,” he answered, and my body clenched tightly around his fingers. “I’d love to show everyone how you belong to me, and how I get to do whatever the fuck I want to you.”

“Oh, God…” I mewled as I felt that peak coming within reach.

“However, the man in me won’t stand for ever letting someone else see you the way that only I should get to see you,” he continued, and now it was my heart that was feeling like it was ready to explode. “The sounds of your wet pussy, the hum of your whimpers, the way that your body begs for my cock…all of that belongs to only me, Collins. I’ll never let anyone else ever see you like this.”

I had no idea how he did it, but Evander seemed to always know the right thing to say. He’d said it was because it was all coming from his heart, but could it really be that simple? Had I really been making things harder than they’d needed to be?

“Then I guess it’s drapes closed,” I barely got out as I dropped my head against his chest.

“I’m going to make you cum on my fingers, then you’re going to assume the position over my desk as I close the drapes,” he instructed. “I want your ass in the air, your legs spread apart, and your pussy waiting for my tongue.”

I came.

Just like that.

Just from his words.

I came all over his fingers, my cries muffled as I bit a chunk of fabric from his suit. My orgasm wracked my body with so much pleasure that I didn’t care that Evander was probably wearing a five-thousand-dollar suit. Hell, probably more.

All I cared about was how Evander’s fingers were working me through the shutters, my mind wondering if I was ever going to get enough of this man. He was spewing filth in my ear, telling me all about how he was going to make me a slut for his cock, and I was loving it. I was loving how Evander was doing his best to stimulate all my senses, and not just my body.

“Evander, please…” I begged when I thought my legs would no longer hold me up.

Evander pulled his soaked fingers from my body. “Look at me.”

I pulled my head up, then looked up into those chocolate eyes of his. “Yeah?”

The man opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, then licked my cream off of his fingers. He did it slowly, methodically, and deliberately. It was sexy as hell, and I wished that I had just one ounce of the sexual confidence that he did.

“Over my desk,” he commanded after licking his fingers clean.

Making my way over to his desk like a newborn calf on untried legs, and after I pushed a few stacks of papers out of the way, I did as the man instructed. I slid my panties off, pulled my skirt up over my hips, then positioned myself bent over his huge oak desk. I was in a very vulnerable and vulgar position, but I didn’t care. Even if Evander and I had nothing else in common, we had this. We were on the same page sexually, and I was not going to mess that up by second guessing anything anymore.

The sounds of the drapes closing had my body clenching. There was so much to be said for the anticipation of great sex. I already knew what Evander was capable of, so I knew that I was going to walk out of here a lot happier than I’d been when I’d walked in.

When I felt the heat from his hands land on my bare hips, I moaned because I simply couldn’t help it. “Mmm…”

His right hand was caressing one ass cheek, a light slap landing as he said, “I love your ass.”

It was easy to see where he was going with his compliment to my ass, and in all honesty, I didn’t care. Sure, I never thought that my first time having anal sex would be bent over in a millionaire’s office, but I just didn’t care anymore.

I felt Evander’s other hand grab onto my other ass cheek, and I felt him spread me apart as he dropped onto his haunches to get up close and personal with my soaking need. That first swipe of his tongue took me back to that Saturday night, and if anything could be said about the man behind me, it was that he was very talented with that tongue of his.

“Fuck, I love the way you taste,” he muttered between licks.

My fingers curled around the edge of his desk as he buried his face in between my legs. “Yes…” I whimpered as Evander’s tongue performed magic.

“Just wait until I get my dick inside you,” he promised wickedly.

All thought was lost when I felt Evander’s tongue probe higher, and Nan had never been so right when she’d told me that I’d only been existing and not living.

Holy fucking hell.

“I’m fucking this ass,” Evander declared between working his tongue in a place that it never should have been. However, I found that I was perfectly okay with his declaration. In fact, I was perfectly fine with whatever this man wanted to do to me.

When the sounds of Evander unbuckling his belt hit my ears, it was the stuff of dreams. Like the sexiness of watching a man unbuckle his belt to free his dick for you, I was also a sucker for men who wore watches. There was just something inherently sexy about a watch on a man’s wrist.

“You better hold onto that edge tight, baby,” Evander advised. “This isn’t going to be sweet and slow.”

Little did Evander know, this girl didn’t want sweet and slow.

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