The Right Price

Chapter 12


I wasn’t prone to nervousness. Having had to raise Holden, I hadn’t had a youthful childhood, so I had learned early on how to take control of life. I had learned how to push aside fear, nervousness, hesitancy, and emotions like that in order to make sure that Holden had always felt safe with me. Hell, even starting Kendrick Advancements hadn’t stressed me out the way that I felt now, waiting for Collins to arrive.

When Carver had called me to tell me the news, I hadn’t ever felt so goddamn relieved at anything in my life. I had propositioned a woman to sleep with me for money, and if that wasn’t starting shit on the wrong foot, then I didn’t know what was.

She’d said yes though.

The original plan had been to text her the address to my place, but after giving it some more thought, I thought that Collins might be more comfortable at a hotel. It was neutral ground, and she could leave whenever she wanted to. Granted, she could also leave my place any time that she wanted to, but being at my place gave me the advantage, and I was very aware of that. My only hope was that the hotel didn’t make her feel cheap or make me look like a douchebag.

The knock on my door had me taking in a deep breath. Not only had I invited Collins to have sex with me for money, but it was also two-thirty in the morning. While I would love to keep her up all night, I hadn’t forgotten the fact that she had three jobs. I had no idea if she worked in the morning or not, but the fact that she had agreed to meet me gave me some hope.

When I opened the door, Collins was standing on the other side, and she was wearing the same dress that I’d seen her in earlier. She must have come straight over from the club, and I could only pray that it was because she was just as eager to do this as I was.

“Come in,” I said, stepping to the side to give her some space. “I hope you don’t mind the hotel. I just…I thought you might feel more comfortable someplace that didn’t give me the advantage.”

Collins turned to face me as I shut the door behind me. “Thank you,” she replied. “I…for the record, if safety was a concern, I never would have agreed to do this.”

I slid my hands in my pockets and gave her a terse nod. “All the same, this is about you.”

She arched a brow. “Is it?”

I lifted my chin. “Do you think that it’s not?”

She didn’t say anything right away. Instead, she placed her purse on the couch as she leaned up against its backrest. I had booked a suite, and it was a nice suite. The sitting room and kitchenette were open-floor, and one step up from the sitting room was the bed. The restroom was at the far end of the suite, and it really was a nice setup.

Collins turned back towards me. “Ten-thousand dollars is a lot of money, Evander.”

“Yes, it is,” I agreed.

“What’s the expectation?” She let out a deep sigh as she glanced at the white envelope on the end table near the couch. “I mean, you’ve made it clear that you don’t share, but…what should I expect?”

My lip twitched at how polite she was being. “Are you asking me if there’s a trunk under the bed full of whips and chains?”

She blushed, and her lips curled a little in an embarrassed grin. “Something like that.”

Taking my hands out of my pockets, I walked towards her until I was standing right in front of her, and she had to tilt her head back to look up at me. “Even though I’m paying the money, this is about what you want, Collins,” I told her. “Do you want something sweet and romantic, or do you want something rough and dirty?” Her lips parted with a soft pant, and my dick was immediately hard. “I just want to please you, Collins.”

“Why?” she whispered, her voice sounding dry.

I reached out and place my hands on the outside of her shoulders. “Because that’s what drives me when I’m interested in a woman,” I replied honestly. “So, since I’m interested in you, I just really, really want to please you and that body of yours.”

This time, her face did more than blush a little. It was practically scarlet red with the way that my words had embarrassed her. “Do…would you mind if I took a quick shower first?” she asked, ignoring my words. “I…I always take a shower when I get home to wash the club off my body and out of my hair.”

I dropped my hands. “Of course,” I automatically said, giving my permission. “It’s right through that door.” I nodded towards the bathroom door on the other side of the bed. “There are plenty of towels and whatever else you might need.”

“Thank you,” she replied quietly, but she was smiling, so that was good.

I watched Collins grab her purse, then head towards the bathroom. As soon as she shut the door, I listened for the lock, but when I didn’t hear it, my hard dick started throbbing, and all I could think about was Collins, all naked, wet, and slick.

Five minutes into her shower, I couldn’t take it anymore. I quickly undressed, then tested the doorknob to see if my ears hadn’t been playing tricks on me. When it had turned easily and quietly, I walked into the steam-filled bathroom, and I prayed that this move wasn’t a colossal mistake.

I reached out and pulled the shower door open, and Collins was immediately startled, her blue eyes round with surprise. Then those same blue eyes ran slowly down my body, and when they stopped at my hard dick, I watched her take a step back, her lips parted, her chest heaving.

“Got room for one more?” Her eyes flew upward, and she just nodded her consent. “Are you sure?”

“Yes-” Collins stopped to clear her throat. “Yes, I’m sure.”

As I stepped into the shower, she stepped back to give me enough room to join her. As soon as her back hit the wall, the hot spray of water began to drench me. I let the water drown me completely before I reached out, grabbed her hips, then positioned her back underneath the spray of water.

“Now, where were you?”

“I…I just finished…uh, rinsing out the conditioner in…in my hair…” she stammered.

“Well, keep on,” I told her. “Don’t mind me.”


Her words came to a halt when my eyes raked over her body, finally getting a good look at her. Collins had a slender neck, delicate bone structure, tits that were a perfect handful, a small waist, soft stomach, shapely hips, a nicely trimmed patch of black hair right over her pussy, and toned thighs and legs. With her working as much as she did, it was reasonable that she’d have a nice, tight body. I loved how she was petite, natural, and beautiful.

“Are you done with your hair?” I asked as she just stood there, looking back at me.

She nodded. “Yeah…uhm, I was close to getting out when you-”

“Good,” I said, interrupting.

Grabbing her by her hips, I turned her around, so that the water was sliding down her tits. I pulled her wet hair to the side, and I slid one hand down her stomach just as my lips made contact with the wet skin just below her ear.

“Oh, God…” she moaned, her head dropping back against my chest as my fingers slid easily through her wet folds. Even though we were in the shower, I could still feel some of that sweet cream flowing out of her, the water doing its best to wash it away.

Sliding two fingers inside her, I asked, “You like that, baby?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

My other hand came around to cup one of her breasts, and as soon as I had it in my palm, it was confirmed that Collins was indeed a perfect handful. My entire hand covered her tit, and I loved that. I loved having all of her in the palms of my hands; one tit filling my left hand, her pussy cupped in my right one.

“I’ve been thinking about this ever since I first laid eyes on you last night,” I confessed. “I went home and jacked off to images of what you would look like cumming for me.”

“Oh, Christ…” she whimpered, her hands wrapped around my forearm, making sure that my fingers kept fucking her tight pussy.

My lips kept skimming her skin, resentful that I didn’t have the right to mark her just yet. “Did you think about me?”

“Yes,” she admitted. “I did.”

“Were your fingers in your pussy when you did?” I asked, my dick screaming at me to hurry the fuck up and just slam into her cunt already.

“No,” she panted. “I…oh, God…don’t stop…”

I slid a third finger inside her. “Like that, baby? You want more?”

“Don’t stop…” she choked out, and I knew that she was close.

Not a minute later, with my other hand now wrapped around her throat, Collins was cumming all over my fingers, and it was a glorious sight indeed.

One that I wanted to see over, and over, and over again.

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