The Power of Persuasion [The Triad Series #2]

Chapter 6

Mac stripped off the now wet label of his second beer with his fingernail, conscientiously scraping off every bit of glue as he went. He hadn’t even finished what was inside the bottle, his senses so attuned to what was going on with Neeve and Kaiden that he couldn’t seem to coordinate swallowing beer and breathing.

He knew what he’d like to be swallowing right now…

And the fact that he was sitting here alone was entirely his own fault. He’d gotten so used to guarding every fucking thought that he’d forgotten how to be anything but a discarded super soldier and a second-rate human being. Seeing Professor Dean had only reinforced his determination not to let her get any emotional reaction from him ever again. She was the one who’d told him Leah had died, and recorded his total shock, his tears and his rage and then used them against him and the others to show how unstable he was when she’d decided to close the program.

Of course he’d threatened to fucking kill her. She’d known Leah was dying and prevented him from going to her simply to observe the ‘reaction of human tragedy on a super soldier’, or whatever her scientific paper had been called. And now she was here, sniffing around to see how he was reacting to a female telepath. He couldn’t expose Neeve to that. He’d rather die.

A slight sound had him sitting upright and turning toward the kitchen. Neeve stood by the sink pouring a bottle of water into a glass. Her long auburn hair hung over one shoulder like a mermaid’s.

“Hey.” She nodded at him, but didn’t come over.

His gaze took in her damp flushed skin and swollen mouth, the slight bruise at her throat and the way her robe clung to her thighs because she was wet from Kaiden’s come. Without thinking, he rose to his feet and went toward her.

“I can’t do this.”

“Which part?” She remained calm, her glass of water in one hand, and the other on her hip.

“Sit here by myself.”

“Then come back with me. It’s a big bed.”

“It’s really that simple to you?”

“Yes. Mac, it is. I’m in need and I want you. Isn’t that enough?”

And just like that all his carefully prepared arguments to protect her disappeared. His woman needed him, and there wasn’t really anything he wanted more than to do what she asked him to. She wasn’t Leah, she wasn’t even from Earth and she’d already shown him that she was quite capable of defending herself.

He followed her down the short hallway and into the bedroom, shucking his clothes as he went. She waited until he was fully into the room and closed the door behind him. She put one finger to her lips.

“Wait. Security measures.”

Her thoughts flew to him so much faster than anyone else’s. He nodded as she casually placed her palm flat on the wall beneath the control panel. He actually staggered as a shot of her energy went through him leaving his mind feeling like half of it had been shut down.

“What did you do?”

“Closed off all security links to this space, why?”

He rubbed his head. “It feels like you turned off half my brain.”

Kaiden sat up, his eyes widening. “Mac? I can barely sense you anymore.”

“It’s okay.” Neeve said. “It’s just a temporary block until we’re either done with our mating, or your scientist finds a way around the new shielding protocol I introduced. Can you hear me, Mac?”

“Loud and clear.”

“She obviously has done something to you.” Neeve frowned. “We can deal with that later. Are you still okay to mate?”

Kaiden grinned. “His cock is.”

Mac glanced down at his half-undone uniform pants and fumbled with the straining zipper to release the hungry thrust of his wet cock. With a low sound, Neeve sank to her knees in front of him and nuzzled his soaking boxers, licking and breathing in the scent of his arousal.

“Mmm. I want this.”

She helped him step out of his pants and underwear and then her mouth fastened around his shaft. She sucked him with long languorous pulls from root to tip that had him groaning and thrusting back at her.

“Slow down, I—”

She didn’t listen to him, so he just lost himself in the pleasure of watching her lips parted around his cock as she sucked him dry. He didn’t even put his hands on her, just let his cock slide back and forth as she dictated, his body and mind following along the salacious path of her imagination. Pressure built at the base of his spine and he knew he was close to coming.

She sensed it just as he did and moaned around his dick, increasing the draw on his flesh until he could hardly bear to move because the pressure and pleasure were so exquisite. He closed his eyes as the dark red of her thoughts rolled over him and surrendered. Each jet of his come was slow and languid and separately received down her willing throat.

Mac waited until she released his cock and then reached down to pick her up and sat her on the side of the bed. Knowing that Kaiden couldn’t hear most of what he was saying telepathically was strangely liberating. He wondered what it was like in a true threesome when everyone heard each other so perfectly. It was kind of a terrifying thought but also deeply alluring. To have no secrets from two others…how did anyone deal with that?

“You don’t have to share everything all the time. Even within a triad, your mind is your own and you are perfectly at liberty to set your own boundaries.”

“Like not reading someone’s mind when they aren’t linking to you?”

She smiled. “Yes. You really need to work on your shields.”

“So it’s my fault?”

“Kind of.” She shrugged drawing his attention to her breasts and tight pink nipples. “You’re the only person who can set your personal boundaries and then it’s up to you to communicate them to others.”

He leaned in and licked her nipple swirling his tongue over the hardened bud until she shivered. He did it again, drawing more of her breast into his mouth until he was sucking her hard.

“Kaiden, can you keep her hands behind her back?” He practically had to shout to get the thought across.

“Sure.” His commanding officer crawled over to the end of the bed and sat behind Neeve, his thighs framing hers, his chest to her back. He drew her wrists back and wrapped one big hand around them both. “Like this?”


Mac continued licking and sucking at her breasts, aware of her body moving easily between him and Kaiden. He took a quick look over Neeve’s shoulder and saw how her ass was rubbing against Kaiden’s dick with every undulation of her hips. Wetness gathered at the tip and slicked onto her skin making the glide even easier.

“That’s good.” Kaiden murmured, one big hand coming to rest on Neeve’s jutting hipbone as he started to rock harder into the motion.

Mac kissed a long slow line down between Neeve’s breasts over her flat stomach and fell to his knees. He buried his face in her mound. God, he’d missed her, missed the sexy scent between her thighs, the cream of her cunt, the throb of her clit…


He paused long enough to grin up at her. “Oh no, we’re taking this slow. I don’t want to run out of come again.”

“You actually ran out of come?” Kaiden said hoarsely. “That’s—”

“Not pleasant, trust me on that.”

Mac ducked his head back down and simply stared at Neeve’s already swollen clit and labia. Leaning in, he delicately licked her, tasting her own sweet scent and the more masculine tang of Kaiden’s come and sweat. He’d soon take care of that. Replacing the other male’s scent with those from his own body was a priority until she smelled like his female again.

She moaned as he licked her and swirled his tongue over her slit and then her already wide opening, pushing his tongue inside her, letting his jaw and chin graze her most sensitive flesh. His heartbeat thudded through his own cock, making him so hard he knew he had to be inside her soon or he’d die. He curled his tongue over her clit in an endless figure of eight until she came hard against his lips shuddering with the pleasure of it.

“Lift her up for me, Kaiden.” He only had to picture what he wanted to make Kaiden understand. Using his massive strength, his commander lifted Neeve until her feet were planted on his thighs and her ass was high against his chest.

Mac stood up and wrapped a hand around his cock easing it away from his stomach. Stepping between Kaiden’s wide spread thighs, he slid inside Neeve’s cunt, his hips pushing him deeper with every thrust until there was nowhere else to go. He took his time pulling in and out making every stroke as long and smooth as he could. Kaiden held Neeve steady, his body an unyielding frame against which she could do nothing but take Mac’s cock for as long as he could give it to her.

She moaned his name and tried to angle her hips to lessen the impact of his thrusts. Kaiden held her tightly until Mac started to lose the battle and shortened his stroke his flesh slapping against her wetness and the swell of her hard little clit.

He came deep and stayed rigidly still enjoying every hot spasm of seed meeting the clench of her orgasm.

“Let me put my mouth on her.” Kaiden murmured. “Like this.”

Mac pulled out and Kaiden lifted her even higher until Neeve was kneeling on his broad shoulders and reaching for Mac to steady her against him. Kaiden ducked his head and started to lick Neeve’s cunt. Mac couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of Kaiden’s tongue appearing through Neeve’s slick folds, and eventually disappearing inside her.

Neeve’s fingernails dug into Mac’s shoulders as she started to writhe and shudder at the intimate contact. He cupped her breasts, worked her nipples in the same rhythm as Kaiden’s agile tongue until she was gasping his name and coming. Her pleasure spilled into his mind and made him want to roar like some crazed cave man.

“My cock now.”

Kaiden straightened and lowered Neeve down over his straining shaft. Mac went down on his knees in front of her and licked delicately at her clit until she screamed and started to move on Kaiden, using him to drive herself to another climax. Mac kept licking, his tongue sliding further back to circle where Kaiden impaled her, making his friend groan.

“Yeah, that’s good, Mac, that’s—”

Was this how it would feel to share another man? In the heat of mating, it didn’t seem quite as terrible as Mac had imagined. But Kaiden was his friend, not some unknown Pavlovan who might decide to fuck his arse. He returned his attention to Neeve’s clit until both she and Kaiden came and the three of them lay on the bed to catch their breath.

Kaiden stretched out his arms and groaned. “If that’s what having a Pavlovan in your bed is like?” He bit Neeve’s shoulder. “I want a Pavlovan.”

“Not this one.” Mac said.

“Noted Captain McNeil.” Kaiden rolled over and got out of bed. “I need to eat something. I’ll be back later.”

Mac waited until Kaiden left the room before lying back down again.

“Why can’t he have me?”

“You know why.” Mac turned onto his side, kissed her knee and then her inner thigh. “He’s not linked to you, like I am.”

“How do you know?”

He found himself glaring up at her amused face. “Because I know. And you damn well know it too. Isn’t that why we’re trying to avoid each other?”

“I’m not trying to avoid you, Mac. I don’t know how. You’re the one with the issues. In my world, when a couple are obviously mated, you don’t turn around and deny the link.”

She didn’t sound angry anymore, just sad and that made him feel like a heel.

“How can we be mated when we’re from different cultures, different planets, and you’ll be leaving in a few weeks? It makes no sense.”

“I know.” She touched his cheek. “I wish I could consult the Oracle. She’d tell me what to do.”

“The Oracle’s on Pavlovan, I assume.”

“Yes.” She hesitated. “If I could get permission to leave this planet early and insist on taking a security detail with me, would you at least come and protect me until I got home?”

“Go to Pavlovan with you?”

“Why not?” She searched his face and his mind. “I could speak to the Oracle with you there. Then we would know if there was anything we could do about this situation.”

He thought about her leaving him and it made his heart ache.

“I don’t know if Professor Dean would allow it.”

Neeve raised an eyebrow. “Professor Dean’s influence does not extend to Pavlovan, I can assure you. If I ask to take you and anyone else I desire, my wish will be granted.”

Mac stared at her as an idea formed in his mind. “Do you mean that?”


He held out his hand. “Then I think we might have a deal.”

Three days in, and they were working well as a sexual team. Neeve felt fully provided for and was damn clear about expressing her desires. Having two tremendously fit super soldiers in her bed was almost as good as having two mated Pavlovan males. Tomorrow, she’d contact Pavlovan high command and ask if she might return early for her own safety. She had no doubt they’d agree. Her security was considered paramount to the existence of her nation. The fact that they’d even let her come to Earth was a minor miracle.

But until that happened, she intended to enjoy the last few hours of freedom with her two males. Shifting position, Neeve backed into Mac’s half-erect cock. He murmured her name and drew her closer his shaft sliding between the cheeks of her ass. She was so wet and open now that he slid easily inside her cunt and slowly stroked back and forth.

Kaiden’s hands settled on her breasts and played with her nipples.

“Fuck my ass, Mac. Let Kaiden in, too.” Neeve ordered.

“Yes, ma’am.” Mac slipped out of her and reached for the lube that sat on the side table. Not that she needed it much now. The two males had penetrated her so many times that she was wet enough to take them both wherever they wanted, but it never hurt to be careful.

Mac eased into her ass and then rolled onto his back holding onto her. He braced his feet on the bed and Neeve settled her legs within his, spreading her knees wide.

“Nice.” Kaiden said.

He crawled toward them and knelt between their thighs. He was such a big man that his hips almost didn’t make it. He slicked a hand over his shaft bringing it down toward Neeve and rubbing the crown against her clit until she moaned.

“Very nice.”

He eased inside her, his thick cock swallowed up by her cunt inch by inch until he was fully inside her. Smiling, Kaiden took her hand and placed it over her clit.

“Help us out, here.”

“As if you need it.” Neeve tightened her internal muscles until Kaiden groaned and Mac bucked against her ass. “I like this.”

“Both of us?” Kaiden asked.

“Two cocks.” She gently stroked her clit and shivered. “How does it feel to be so close to each other?”


That was definitely Mac.

Kaiden looked more thoughtful. “It’s very stimulating.”

Mac snorted. “You mean you like it?”

“What’s not to like?” Kaiden rolled his hips. “When I’m on top like this I can feel you both, I can make you both come.”

Neeve settled more of her weight on Mac and his breathing hitched as she trailed her fingers downward pausing to circle Kaiden’s cock and then even further back to stroke his taint. Kaiden started to rock forward, his hand braced on the side of the bed so that he could look down at his cock. Neeve reached up her free hand to cup his bristly cheek. Even his incoming beard was fair and hardly visible.

“Would you let me try something, Kaiden?”

“Will it hurt?”

“No. My Second Male showed me how to do it. He loved it.”

“Then go ahead.”

Neeve reached for the lube and slathered her finger in gloop. “You can carry on.”

“Thank you.”


She sensed Mac watching her as closely as she brought her arm around Kaiden’s hips and stroked her fingers down between the two flexing globes of his ass. He went still for a second and then resumed his slow thrusts as she rimmed the pucker of his ass with her slick finger until he started to push back against her as well as forward.

“God…” He breathed out hard as the tip of her finger penetrated him. “That’s…”

She eased in a little further; fucking his ass to the rhythm he’d set. Then instinct took over as his pleasure roared through her and Mac and they became nothing more than an entangled rush of extreme sensations.

“More—give me more.” Kaiden demanded. She slid a second finger in alongside the first. He bucked against her hand and hammered into her, pushing her onto Mac who held himself rigidly inside her ass. She screamed into Kaiden’s shoulder and bit down hard as he climaxed taking her and Mac with him.

It took her a long time to open her eyes and tear herself away from the two men. Mac fell back onto the bed and Kaiden rolled onto his back, his chest heaving.

“Shower, I think.”

Neeve let Mac pick her up and carry her into the stream of hot water where he washed them both clean. When she was finished, he returned with her to the bed and placed her carefully on the sheets.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

She kept hold of his hand. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” he managed a smile. “Let me finish showering, and then I’ll come back.”

He returned to the bathroom and found Kaiden already in the shower. His commanding officer looked at him.

“Sorry, I thought you were done.”

After a deep breath, Mac stepped into the shower and faced Kaiden. “What did it feel like?”

Kaiden rubbed at the water splashing off his massive chest. “You know what it was like. You got the whole telepathic sideshow.”

“So you weren’t faking for Neeve’s benefit?”

“When I’m fucking a female who’s being fucked by another man and she’s also finger fucking my ass, how the hell do you think I’d fake anything?” Kaiden licked his lips. “It was so damn hot.”

Mac’s cock twitched and he ran an absent hand over it. Kaiden was half-erect too.

“What about if a man did that to you? Would it feel the same?”

Kaiden’s pale gaze met his. “I don’t know. Are you offering?”

“You’d let me do that?”

“Why not?” He gaze dropped to Mac’s clenched fist and then across to his cock. “Your fingers are thicker and longer than Neeve’s. It could be even better.”


“You want to try it to see if you could stand having another male in your bed on a permanent basis.” He nodded. “I understand. I told Neeve she could use my cock as much as she liked and I’m okay with you using my ass, too.”

“Seriously, Commander?”

“Rank’s not a problem here either, Mac. In this instance, we’re just two males doing our best to understand and explore the Pavlovan sexual culture. I’m not going to run out and report you.”

Kaiden turned the shower off and brushed past Mac, grabbing a towel on his way. He headed back into the bedroom and Mac followed him. Kaiden grabbed the lube and tossed it at Mac.

“Go ahead.”

“Mac?” Neeve looked from him to Kaiden and then back again.

“Will you suck Kaiden’s dick while I finger-fuck his arse?”

She nodded, swept her hair back over one shoulder and looked expectantly at him,

“Kaiden on your knees, Neeve in front of him and I’ll…”

He glanced down at the lube and then at Kaiden’s arse. He was about to fuck his commanding officer’s arse with his fingers. The thought of it, the thought of the three of them sharing the sensation made him so aroused he couldn’t believe it. But he had to know if he could even contemplate sexually servicing another male. It was only fair to Neeve.

Neeve leaned in low and licked the crown of Kaiden’s cock with the tip of her tongue. After three days, even after their most inventive efforts to stay hard, they were both quite sore and she obviously knew it. He crawled around to view the flex of Kaiden’s hips as she drew him into her mouth, and the way his buttocks clenched and released.

The lube was warm on his fingers as he spread it over his index finger and stroked a line down from the end of Kaiden’s spine to the tight circle of his arse. He tried to remember in his mind what Neeve had done and circled and played with Kaiden’s puckered hole and the soft skin of his taint. From the way, Kaiden arched his back, almost presenting himself to Mac, he had succeeded in arousing him.

“Put it in me. Fuck me with that big thick finger, Mac.” Kaiden’s guttural command stirred something low in his belly. He pressed forward with the tip of his finger and felt Kaiden give into him and allow him past the tight ring of muscle.

“Yeah. Harder.”

Mac obeyed, still mesmerized by the disappearance of his finger inside the other man. He pushed harder and was rewarded by a moan.

“God, that’s deep, that’s… Move it in and out of me, Mac.”

Mac obliged and adapted his rhythm to Neeve’s who had the whole of Kaiden’s cock in her mouth and down her throat now. She looked beautiful to Mac, her eyes closed, her hair messed up by all their lovemaking and her nipples hard from being sucked and played with for three days straight. Her breasts swung gently as she sucked and he noticed she had one hand over her mound as she finger fucked herself.


Mac lubed up another finger and carefully eased it in alongside the other one. Kaiden cursed and rocked back on his heels as Mac pistoned his fingers back and forth scissoring them as wide as he could until Kaiden was screaming with pleasure in his head.

“All of them, Mac. Four fingers, I want—”

“Are you sure?”

“Goddamit, yes!”

Ignoring Kaiden’s demand for him to hurry, Mac took his time until all four of his fingers were encased in Kaiden’s arse. His own cock was hard and wet and pressed against Kaiden’s hip. He couldn’t help but move it in time to his finger thrusts and wonder what it would be like to be inside Kaiden, inside any man.

He started to slide his fingers in and out, pushing them as deep as he could and then almost out again. Along the way, Kaiden seemed to learn the trick of clenching his internal muscles to try and keep Mac deep. He soon forgot to be careful and slammed into him, each stroke like a fist as the immensity of Kaiden’s pleasure thundered through his mind and through Neeve.

“God…” Kaiden went still and then he started to climax. Mac’s cock joined him, jets of his come dripping down over Kaiden’s hip and his still engaged fingers. As Neeve cried out too, Kaiden lurched for her and brought his mouth down onto her cunt licking and sucking her, his fingers buried deep until she climaxed again and again.

Mac managed to get off the bed and wash again, his legs felt wobbly and his mind was clouded. At the last moment, he’d wanted to pull out his fingers and shove his dick in Kaiden instead. He’d been so close to actually doing it. Had the others noticed? No one had said a word. If Kaiden had begged him, would he have obliged? He was no longer sure.

When he returned the other two were still where he’d left them, Kaiden’s face was buried in Neeve’s sex and he lay stretched out on the bed.

Neeve opened one eye as he approached. “I think I’m done.”

“I think we all are.”

A muffled groan from Kaiden confirmed his agreement.

“Let’s try and make ourselves presentable before Professor Dean gets us into her lab. I don’t think she’s going to be very happy with me.”