The Power of Persuasion [The Triad Series #2]

Chapter 3

“They’re here.”

Mac turned to Neeve who was already up and dressed in her snow gear. Her arms were crossed over her chest and her glorious hair was tied back in a tight bun. He wanted to walk over to her yank the pins out and watch it fall down her back. Then he’d wrap it around his hand, hold her close and fuck her again…

“Captain McNeil.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I got that last thought of yours.” She licked her still swollen lips. “You’re not helping.”

Fifteen minutes ago, those lips had been round his cock while she sucked him off in the shower. She was still edgy; he could feel her need flowing over him, calling him… His over-used cock throbbed like a toothache as he instantly thickened. Strictly speaking, they still had over twelve earth hours before she was out of her mating period. He instinctively cupped his balls.

“Holy God, woman, no wonder you need two males to satisfy you.”

She looked away, her color high. “I can only apologize, Captain, if you felt unequal to the task.”

This time he did go over to her. He put his hand under her chin so that he could stare into her eyes.

“I think I did damn well, considering, don’t you?”

“Of course, even though you were coerced into it.” Her gaze dropped to his torso and the thrust of his cock, which was all too evident in the thin snowsuit he wore. “Will you please go stand over there? I can’t be this near you, and not want to—“

An image flashed in his head of him crouched over her, his dick just about to penetrate her cunt.

“That’s not helping me either.” He glanced at the perimeter screens. “Damn it, they’ll be here in less than five minutes. I can’t satisfy you properly in that time frame.”

She placed her hand flat on his chest. “There’s something you need to know about our link.”

“The telepathic one?”

“Yes, it’s not just going to go away. We’ll probably be able to link up forever.”

“Good to know.”

He put some distance between them. He had no choice. Greeting his superior with a hard-on was bad enough, especially since the whole of SpaceCon knew what he’d been doing. He didn’t want to be found balls deep in her.

“But, Mac, you don’t understand—“

He held up his hand as an internal communication came through. “Perimeter codes accessed. We’ll be with you in less than a minute.”

“Yes, sir.”

He recognized that voice. Had Kaiden, the commander of the old unit, come in person? If so they really were trying to keep things quiet.

“Get your stuff, doc.”

She stared at him for a long moment and then slowly nodded and turned toward the lab, her head held high.


“Yes?” She looked back over her shoulder at him.

“I’m glad we got you through this.”

“We’re not quite through it yet.”

She smiled at him and it was all that he could do not to run over, scoop her up in his arms and take her back to bed.

The exterior door beeped a warning and suddenly the small space was full of soldiers and medics. Mac instinctively raised his weapon until he recognized a familiar towering figure in a dark blue uniform. Commander Kaiden Rostov was an intimidating sight. Two and a half meters tall and built like a linebacker, he instilled fear from a distance, an impression that remained when one got close enough to see his cold grey eyes and brutal mouth.

“Captain McNeil.”

Mac saluted. “Sir.”

“Where’s Dr. Neeve?”

“In the lab, sir, retrieving her gear.”

“Good.” Kaiden nodded. “The security team will clean up here. I’ll take you and the doctor back with me for debriefing.”

“Yes, sir.” His superior had already turned aside. Mac went still as Kaiden’s gaze fixed on the doorway where Neeve was just emerging.

She had noticed the gigantic man too and stopped walking. If Mac had hackles, they would be rising as Kaiden’s incredible mind reached out to Neeve.


Neeve’s gaze went to him, and then back to Kaiden.

“He’s like you?”

“He’s the original.”

Kaiden frowned. “Are you talking to her?”

“Yes, sir, can’t you hear us? I can hear both of you quite clearly.”

“I can hear you individually, but only a faint buzz when you are communicating with each other. It’s too fast. What the hell does that mean?”

“I have no idea, sir.” Mac didn’t care. He was just glad Kaiden was missing out. “Are you ready to leave Dr. Neeve?”

“Yes. I’ve lost some of the data, but the rest of it survived.”

“As did you.” Kaiden smiled down at her. A sight that was so unreal that Mac had to do a double take. “Which is the most important thing.” Hell. Was his commander actually flirting?

“Only thanks to Captain McNeil. He saved my life.”

“He’s good at that. He saved my life once, too.” He patted her shoulder. “Let me tell you about it.”

He stepped aside to allow Neeve to leave the building, one hand on the small of her back. For the first time in his life, Mac contemplated shooting a superior officer. He found his pack and stood for a moment among the bustling soldiers. What the hell was wrong with him? He’d never felt this possessive of a woman before in his life. It went far beyond anything civilized and seemed to originate in some primitive part of his brain that just knew about fucking, breathing and surviving.


Neeve was calling him and he wasn’t about to leave her alone with Kaiden Rostov. He shouldered his pack and went out into the secured yard. Snow blasted into his face at an acute angle and the wind almost knocked him off his feet. The lights of a shuttle door were almost impossible to see even though the thing was barely 300 meters away.

He slogged over to the shuttle and got onboard, dumping his bag in the nearest safety harness to keep it secured during flight. It wasn’t a large craft and could easily be piloted by the two of them. There were four small cabins, a communal eating and sitting area and some cargo space below.

Kaiden was already in the pilot’s seat, running the pre-flight checks and communicating with the shuttle’s computers and A. I. Mac studied the displays that were slowly powering up.

“Are you sure it’s okay to leave?”

“No, but I want to put some distance between Dr, Neeve and this research outpost. If it becomes too dangerous, I’ll set down and we can wait the storm out. It’s only a fifteen minute ride back to Nimbus.”

“Where is Dr. Neeve?”

“She’ll be out in a moment.” Kaiden glanced up at Mac. “Take the co-pilot seat. She can sit between us if she wishes, or crash in one of the cabins.”

“Yes sir.” Mac sat down and helped his commanding officer. He didn’t need to turn his head to know when Neeve joined them. Beside him, Kaiden stirred, his nostrils flaring as if he was inhaling something he liked.

“Strap yourself in, Doctor.” Kaiden said. “We’re about to take off.”

Mac returned his focus to the screens, relaying Kaiden’s instructions to the A. I. as the craft struggled to get airborne in the high winds. Eventually they managed it and Mac settled down for the bumpy ride.

“It’s no good.” Fifteen minutes later Kaiden frowned at the monitors. “We can’t get into the dock against this headwind. I’ve been around twice now.” He glanced at Mac and then back at the doctor. “We’ll have to put down at the emergency station at the end of the road to Nimbus and sit it out there.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Damn…” Neeve whispered.

“Is there something wrong, Doctor?”

Kaiden landed the craft with his usual skill and the retractable roof of the shelter immediately closed over them sealing them in from the worse of the elements. The shuttle whined as its engines cooled down and started to turn off.

“Does he know about me?”

Mac removed his headset. “Yes.”

“And he’s a telepath.”

He turned around. “So?”

“We’re in a very small space.” She swallowed convulsively. Kaiden was looking from one of them to the other.

“You want him, too?” Mac stood up.

“I might.”

“At least you’re honest.”

“It’s not personal, you understand that. It’s just a cultural and biological characteristic of my race.”

“Sure.” He knew he had no right to be insulted. Wasn’t that the whole idea? He’d service her and she’d…fuck anything she could get her hands on.

She shoved her safety webbing to one side and shot to her feet. “That’s not true! I didn’t know I was going to be trapped in a small place with two telepaths!”

“What’s going on, Captain?”

Deliberately blocking out Neeve, Mac answered his superior officer. “Dr. Neeve is still in her mating cycle, sir.”

“Then go ahead and share a cabin. I’m sure I can find something to do while you complete your assignment.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Mac went over to Neeve who was still glaring at him. “Which cabin did you put your stuff in?”

“The first one, why?”

“Let’s go.”

He claimed her hand, gave his commander a quick nod and led her down the narrow hall into her cabin. Locking the door he started to strip, his cock rising to the occasion even though he was getting damned sore. She stripped out of her clothes so fast, he barely had a second before she was clinging to him and kissing him. Her nipples were hard points against his chest, her sex wet and warm as she rubbed herself over his thigh.

He managed to get them both on the bed and then he forgot everything but being inside her again. He almost wanted Kaiden to see her like this, spread beneath him, urging him on as he fucked her. Even as he pistoned into her, he was aware of a sense of exhaustion creeping over him. He hadn’t slept properly for three days. Perhaps she really did need two bodies to satisfy her. Was he man enough to accept that? What if he had a heart attack from the sheer fucking pleasure of it?

He came and for the first time in his life it hurt to climax, his come was sparse and hot, each spurt burning as it forced its way out of him. With a groan he rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. Perhaps he needed to get things into perspective. He was just doing his duty. She’d already made it clear that there was no future in the relationship, so why the hell was he trying to tell her who or what she could fuck?

“If I can’t satisfy you right up until the end, go and ask Kaiden.”

She cupped his face in her hands and waited until he opened his eyes. Hers were full of tears.

“Thank you.”

She touched his cock and he yelped. “Actually, you should do it right now. For the first time in my life, I think I’ve run out of come.”

She reluctantly released his shaft. “Why don’t you sleep for a while and I’ll return later?”

“I’ll do that. But come back, all right?”


His eyelids felt like lead and he was half asleep before she’d even left the room.

Neeve took a really long warm shower and wrapped herself in the military regulation bathrobe she found in a drawer in the bathroom. She managed to idle away another hour or so combing out her hair and drying it, but Mac was still sleeping. He looked exhausted and she didn’t want to wake him. He’d already given her his all and there was another telepath on the shuttle with her.

She hesitated at the cabin door, her gaze drawn back to Mac. It was damned hard to leave him, harder than she’d anticipated. She felt, connected to him in a Pavlovan way, which made no sense and would have no meaning or context to him anyway. The thought of him agreeing to become part of a Pavlovan triad was so remote it was almost laughable.

And then there was that whole stupid ‘destiny’ thing she had with the Oracle of Pavlovan…

He’d done his duty by her, and that was probably more than enough for him to want to deal with. He’d only offered sex. But, was there more? Did she want more, or was it just because his particular brand of telepathy was so different to her own? Perhaps it would be better if she did seek out another human mate. At least then she’d know whether she would react to them both in the same way. Knotting the sash on her robe she finally managed to leave Mac to sleep and headed to the kitchen. She was hungry as well as horny, so maybe eating would substitute for her other hungers.


She flattened a hand against her chest as she turned the corner and almost fell over Commander Kaiden’s big bare feet, which were propped up on the back of one of the kitchen chairs. His reaction time was so fast he was on his feet and holding her elbow before she’d barely had time to draw a breath. When she did breathe, she inhaled telepathic human male and felt dizzy. He was even taller than Mac and twice as wide. His almost white hair was cut brutally short as if its unusual color offended him.

“I’m sorry, Doctor Neeve. I wasn’t expecting company.” He retained hold of her elbow. “Is everything all right?”

“Captain McNeil’s asleep.”

She wondered if he’d make any crude jokes about that, but he said nothing. Easing out of his hold, she walked over to the food dispenser deliberately turning her back on him.

He cleared his throat. “But he’s okay?”

“I assume so. He’s hardly slept for the last three days.”

She studied the menu and sighed. The shuttle might look newly fitted out, but the meals it was offering were still standard military fare and hardly appetizing. She selected the soup and waited until the cup was dispensed to her. Turning around she took a seat opposite Commander Kaiden at the table.

He’d taken off his outer uniform and snow gear and wore a tight grey T-shirt and a pair of sweats. Despite the informality of his dress, he was still formidable. As she blew and sipped at the soup he rocked back on his chair until it was on two legs and contemplated her.

“You weren’t tired yourself?”

“I’m tired, but I can’t sleep yet. I’m still too restless. My mating cycle doesn’t end for another few hours.”

“Didn’t Mac tell you to wake him if you needed him?”

She finally gave up the pretense of just sitting there and raised her eyes to meet his. “No, he told me to come out here and find you.”

“For what purpose?”

“You’re a telepathic male and, in my present condition, I’m obviously susceptible to human telepaths.”

“So you want to borrow my cock.” His expression didn’t change but he slid one hand down to his groin and cupped himself. “I’m way ahead of you.”

Neeve blinked at him. “Mac said you would be.”

He slowly brought the chair down to the floor. “Then come and take what you need.”

Neeve pushed in her chair and came around the table to stare down at him. His eyes were a very pale grey like the finest unpolished silver. She stood between his legs and slowly took off her robe. His pupils widened as his gaze dropped to her breasts and her sex. Without speaking, he stripped off his T-shirt and lifted her astride him. She moaned as her mound met the rough cotton of his pants and rubbed herself against the hard ridge of his covered cock.

With a stifled sound, he dropped his head to her breast and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking her strongly in time to the motion of her circling hips. She arched into him, her body already sensitive from Mac’s lovemaking, and rocked until she came hard, gasping out her pleasure. His pants were now damp and he struggled to pull them down far enough to reveal the blunt thrust of his big cock.

“Oh…” She sighed as she studied the thick head and bent to lick the pre-cum emerging from the slit. He groaned, his hips thrusting upward as if demanding she took more of him. She slid off his knees and knelt between his thighs and sucked as much of him in her mouth as she could, wrapping a hand around the thick base of his straining cock. Big, so big she wanted to devour him whole.

She sucked hard and he growled, the sound vibrating through his whole body. His hand fisted in her hair and stayed put, a rigid controlling presence she craved. His other hand went to her breasts and played there, drawing her nipples tight and sending shivers of pure lust straight to her sex.


She caught his telepathic thought and zeroed in on it, opening her mind to him in return. Like Mac, his telepathic presence was unique and so different to a Pavlovan that she wanted to know more. He reached down and lifted her up into the air with ease, his mouth suckling her breasts, the crown of his cock notched against her clit, a hard insistent presence that made her come again and angle her hips upward trying to force him lower.

He laughed, a low guttural sound, and held her still, her clit throbbing against the heavy tip of his cock.


“Not yet.”

He kept her suspended over him, his muscles taut and put out his tongue again to lick her nipple. With a soft sound he set his teeth on her. She came so suddenly her whole body shook with it. He groaned and lowered her a scant inch over the wide head of his shaft.


He bit her nipple harder and her breath hissed out.

“When I’m ready.”

She tried to rock down on him, but he was just too strong for her to move. All her motion did was stimulate her clit even more. She gave up, panting and looked into his eyes.


He dropped his gaze to where they were barely joined. Holding her up one-handed, he used his fingers to circle her clit and pinched. She came so hard she bucked against him with the pleasure. His cock jerked and he slid her down another couple of inches. Gods, how big was he? Could she even take all of him? It was like being penetrated with a fist.

He groaned. “Fuck, yeah. I’d like to do that to you, get my whole fist in you so you could fuck it.” He drew a shuddering breath. “Have Mac fucking your ass at the same time.”

She dragged her gaze up to his and simply stared at him. He raised an eyebrow. “You do take two males at the same time, don’t you?”

She nodded as he eased himself even deeper. “You like the idea? Me in your cunt and Mac in your ass.” He groaned. “Some other lucky guy filling your mouth with his cock…so you’re fucking full of it, full of male, and the full of come.”

His grip tightened, pushing her down into the swell of his cock, widening her, making her accept even more of him until she was gasping and writhing against him.

“Yeah, take it now. Take it all.” His hips bucked in an urgent demand and he was finally sheathed entirely in her. “Damn.”

He held her still, his big cock throbbing inside her until she tentatively eased down on him and relaxed a little. Not that she could give very far, she was too crammed full of him to do that. Gods he was big. How would it feel when he started to move? She was almost afraid to find out.

“So, here’s that cock you wanted.”

She opened her eyes to focus on his face while he spoke aloud.

“Big,” she breathed.

“Damn, I hope so. I’m big all over.” He licked his lips as she tentatively tightened her inner muscles around him. “I want to roll you onto that floor and fuck you, but I’m going to be patient, and let you take what you need this time.”

She tightened around him again and he groaned softly.

“You think there will be a next time?” She rocked her hips enjoying the sensation of him filling her and braced her hands on his broad shoulders. “Oh that’s nice.”

He dropped his hands and wrapped them around the sides of the chair giving her the ability to move freely on him, which she took willingly. She lifted and lowered herself over the thick column of his rigid shaft gasping at the pleasure, enjoying his helpless enjoyment as his desire seeped into her consciousness, tangling with her mind and then joining her completely.

A beautiful mind and a telepath of extraordinary clarity, which made Neeve feel like a goddess. And so big, she could ride his cock to fulfillment all night.

“Yeah, don’t worry about hurting my feelings,” he breathed. “That’s what I am, doc, just a big hard cock for you to play with for as long as you need it.”

Keeping one hand on his shoulder, she cupped her breast and pinched her nipple hard. He responded instantly, his mouth lowering to her other breast and giving her an equal amount of pleasurable pain. She left him to satisfy her there, and moved her fingers lower to pluck and play with her clit driving her into another climax that made her clench hard on his cock and clutch frantically at his muscled shoulder, her nails digging deep.

She was also aware that Mac was awake and deliberately opened her link to him, letting him experience what she was doing with Kaiden. She wasn’t surprised when he appeared in the doorway, naked and aroused, his gaze fixed on their interlocked bodies.

“Fuck her ass, Mac.”

Mac looked at her. “Neeve?”

“Yes, please, yes.”

He found the lube they’d used earlier and slicked it over his cock and then coated his fingers, probing her ass until she was writhing down on Kaiden’s shaft screwing herself deeper onto him with every twist of her hips. Kaiden’s big hands came down to her hips and held her there, tilting her up and back for Mac’s penetration.

She was so turned on she didn’t even flinch at the blunt entry of his cock into her ass. Mac took over the motion and Kaiden stayed still as a rock as they worked her between them. She’d had two males before, but never two with such different telepathic patterns. It was like discovering a whole new world.

When she started to climax, she couldn’t stop. Kaiden stirred underneath her trying to thrust his hips, constrained by both her weight and Mac’s motions.

“Dammit, I’ve—gotta come, I—”

His guttural roar set Mac coming too, and Neeve screamed into Kaiden’s mouth as he kissed her. Her thoughts went red and her mind fused with the two males sending them all into a never-ending circle of intense pleasure.

Eventually Mac slid down to the floor and stayed there.

“I’m done. I’m totally spent.” He managed to raise his head to stare at Kaiden. “I can’t fuck another thing. Can you help her out?”

Kaiden nodded and rose to his feet with Neeve still clinging to him like a vine. She didn’t protest as he took her into his cabin and straight into the shower, which barely contained them both. Propping her up against the wall, he washed her thoroughly, his big hands moving over her so gently she wanted to purr like a feerkit.

When he’d finished, he picked her up again wrapped her in a towel and deposited her on his bed. She just lay there on her back allowing the towel to do all the work of drying her and waited for him to turn off the shower and come back. He left the lights in the bathroom on, which barely illuminated the bed but it was enough for her to appreciate the sight of his big muscled body in motion.

He emerged rubbing his now spiked hair with a towel and then threw the cloth on the floor and advanced on the bed. His cock was already erect again and thrust upward toward his flat stomach. He slid one knee between her thighs as he unwrapped her from the towel like a parcel and then spread her legs wide with his hand.

She lay still and let him look at her, his hands following his gaze, shaping and testing her mouth, her breasts and her hips until she was straining toward him. He slicked a hand over his wet cock.

“I want this in your mouth but it’ll have to wait until I fuck you again.”

“You can do both.”

“Not at the same time.” He smiled down at her. “I’m just prioritizing at the moment. I’m good at that.” He rubbed his thumb over her swollen clit. “I’ve never met a female telepath before. I never knew it could be like this.”

“Like what?”

He touched her forehead with his lips. “Mind to mind, sharing the fuck in a continuous emotional, telepathic and physical loop.”

“That’s one way of putting it.”

“It’s not like that for you?” His pale eyes focused on hers.

“Between telepaths it’s always good, but when you meet your mate, it’s even better.”

His smile was crooked. “If that’s true, God knows how you survive. This is intense enough for me.”

“And I’m very grateful to you.”

He reared up over her and shoved his cock home in one strong thrust making her whimper. “Tell me that again when I’ve made you scream yourself hoarse.”


Commander Kaiden’s voice. Mac opened one eye. He was facedown in his bed and everything hurt.

“I’m about to take off. The weather’s cleared and we’ll be docking the shuttle at Nimbus in less than a minute.”

“Do you need me?”

“No. But we will be disembarking in a few and you’ll be required for debriefing by central command.”

Mac groaned. “Yes, sir. Is Dr. Neeve all right?”

“She’s doing fine.”

He rolled over onto his back. His commanding officer looked fit and very pleased with himself. Mack remembered the sensation of them both being inside Neeve and his cock twitched. Covering himself with his hand he sat up.

“I’ll take a quick shower and I’ll be right there.” He hesitated. “The debriefing, sir. Do we mention Dr. Neeve’s mating needs?”

“We mention them, but we don’t need to go into details.” Kaiden nodded. “I’ll go and get the preflight checks started.”

Mac found his way into the shower again and hastily washed. It felt like only five minutes since he’d last been in there, washing off the combined scents of Neeve, Kaiden and himself. He still couldn’t believe that they’d all…

Damn. He forced himself to step out of the shower. Whatever had happened it was irrelevant now. He’d done his duty as had Kaiden. Dr. Neeve had been satisfied and kept alive. His job was done. He’d do well to remember that.