The Power of Persuasion [The Triad Series #2]

Chapter 14

Mac woke from a hasty nap to find Willow and Neeve having sex. It was day three of her mating cycle, and she was becoming less demanding. She was straddling Willow and he was smiling up at her as she rode his cock. Luckily for Neeve, Willow’s stamina was even better than Kaiden’s, which meant that Mac got many opportunities to admire his two bedmates in motion. He could also sense how well their minds ran together.

Was it like that for all Pavlovans? Or was it just because he was a slightly different species that his telepathic talents were more ragged and distinct? He felt far less in control than the other two, far more eager to grab and devour each of them whole.

As if he’d spoken out loud, Willow’s gaze flicked toward him.

“First Male.”


His lover’s thoughts instantly assumed another thin wall of protection. It had been like this since he’d fucked him. As if Willow either didn’t want to share the bone shaking passion that had sprung up between them, or had retreated from it. Mac hadn’t decided which it was yet, but it annoyed the hell out of him.

He moved behind Neeve and grabbed some lube slicking it over his hardening cock. If he couldn’t fuck Willow again, he’d fuck them both, feel Neeve’s arse tighten all around him and the heavy thrust of Willow’s cock aligned with his in her cunt. He put his hand on the small of her back and she arched upward giving him a close view of the way Willow’s big cock was spreading her pussy lips wide.

“Yeah, that’s nice.” He murmured as he eased inside her. “Fuck us both, First Female until you’ve come enough to satisfy yourself. We’ll stay hard for you.”

Her throaty laugh made him even hornier. “Good.”

He concentrated on joining his body to hers, aware of Willow underneath her tensing as his slow penetration brought Mac’s cock almost alongside his.

He nipped Neeve’s throat. “Would you like us both in your cunt?”

She shuddered into a fast orgasm and he smiled against her shoulder. “I think she likes that idea, Willow.”

His lover met his gaze. “It is certainly an interesting notion, Ian Mac. I tried it once and found it quite extraordinary, so with a mate it would be—” He hesitated. “I mean with your triad mates, it would be extraordinary.”

There it was again, that attempt to distance himself from what was happening between the three of them. Was Willow blind? Mac sheathed himself fully in Neeve and started to work his hips back and forth pushing her down onto Willow. The feeling of both of them beneath him was incredibly powerful. He slowed down to appreciate it, and turned his thoughts inward, determined to smash through all the barriers Willow kept putting up and make him feel the same level of need and desperation he was dealing with.

Neeve climaxed and Willow’s breath hissed out as she clenched hard around him, setting Mac off into a frenzy of pumping that brought him intense relief. As he came, he reached down and fisted Willow’s long hair.

“Come with me. Come for Neeve.”

Willow jerked upward and started to climax, each long jet of come felt by both Mac and Neeve making Neeve climax again. Mac eased away and lifted Neeve off Willow. Holding her in his arms he took her through to the bathroom and turned the shower on.

She didn’t argue with him at all, just allowed him to wash her clean, her face buried in his shoulder, her body languid and satisfied.

“Don’t be mean to Willow.”

He frowned as he rinsed the soap from her neck. “Mean?”

“Shutting him out. It’s not fair. He…” she hesitated. “He deserves more.”

“I’m not the one shutting him out. He’s doing it.”

“That’s not what’s coming through to me.”

“So because you two are so in sync, it’s my fault?”

She opened her eyes and blinked at him, water droplet sparkling on her eyelashes. “Do you sense that?”

“It’s hard to miss.” He turned off the water and reached for one of the towels.

“Then what’s the problem?”

He gathered her up in the towel and strode back into the bedroom with her. “There isn’t one. Haven’t you listened to a word I’ve said?” His gaze fell on the empty bed. “Now where the hell has he gone?”

He dumped Neeve in the center of the bed and looked around like an idiot.

“He left a note.” Neeve handed it to him. “He thanks us for the honor of being in our bed.”

Mac stared at the outer door as his gut clenched in denial. He turned back to Neeve and drew an unsteady breath.

“I wasn’t completely honest with you about who I messed up with on my trip. It was Willow. I touched him, I let him suck my cock.”


“I think he’s connected to me. I’m sorry. I can’t help it, Neeve. He just—” he waved his hand in a helpless gesture.

Neeve knelt up on the bed, her hands on her hips stark naked and glared at him. “Of course he’s connected to you, you idiot. He’s connected to me, too. He’s our third.”

“Our third?”

“Our Second Male.”

“He is? Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me?” Mac let out his breath. “Oh, thank God. I thought I was going crazy.”

“You’d better go and find him and make things right then, hadn’t you?” Neeve lay back down and pulled the covers over her. “I’m going to sleep now. Bring him back to our bed by tomorrow morning, and we’ll sit down together and make this work.”

Mac strode toward the door and then stopped. “I’m naked and I don’t know where he’s gone.”

She sat up again and threw the towel at him. “Go. Think about him, and you’ll find him.”

He paused again at the door. “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely. Now go and fix this. I don’t care what you have to do, but make certain he understands that we both want him and value him, okay?”

He wrapped the towel around his waist and saluted. “Yes, First Daughter.”

Letting himself out into the long corridor that connected the suites, he paused to think about Willow and found himself being blocked by a wall of stone. It bloody hurt. Shielding his thoughts, he reached out again and concentrated on following the telepathic essence of his mate.

Ten minutes later, he walked into the guards’ room, nodded at the faces of his surprised bodyguards and pointed at the quarters beyond.

“Is Willow there?”

Ungar grinned at him. “Yes, Ian Mac.”

“Thanks.” He paused for a second. “Haven’t you guys got anything to do?”

“Not really.”

“Then block your ears, this could get noisy.” He kept walking until he reached the third door on the left and knocked hard.


There was no answer. He tried the handle and it opened. With a quick prayer to all the gods both Pavlovan and human, he went inside and shut the door behind him. Willow sat on the edge of his bed, his back turned to Mac. He’d obviously showered and his hair was still damp and hung freely around his shoulders.

“Why did you leave?”

Willow didn’t turn around. “The First Female’s mating cycle had finished. I was no longer required.”

“So you just walked away.”

“I…thought to make our parting less awkward.” His shoulder hunched. “I did not wish to embarrass either of you.”

Mac crossed the room and crouched down in front of Willow who was staring pensively at the floor, his long fair hair shielding his face. He finally raised his head and smiled at Mac.

“I will never forget you both. You gave me the most astounding gift a male could ever wish for.”


Willow blinked at him. “I beg your pardon?”

“That’s enough for you, is it? Truthfully?” He put his hands on Willow’s knees and pushed them wide. “Don’t you want more? My mouth on your dick, your cock buried deep in my arse…”

Willow shuddered as Mac took a deep breath and leaned in to lick his lover’s already thickening shaft. “I want to suck you.”

“What good will it do?” Willow asked. “Do you want me to feel even worse about what I’m about to lose?”

“Who says you’re going to lose? When we’ve finished this, we’re both going back to Neeve’s bed. She has a few things she wants to say to you.” Mac slid his tongue into the wet slit of Willow’s straining cock. “I prefer to give you a practical demonstration of how I feel right here on my knees while I get you hard enough to fuck me.”

“You don’t have to do this, Ian Mac.”

Mac raised his head. “Yes I damn well do. How else are you going to understand that I can’t function without you and Neeve in my life?”

“Both of us?”

“That’s how a triad usually works, isn’t it?”

“You accept me as your third?”

“After Neeve slapped me around the head and pointed it out to me—yes.”

Willow swallowed hard and his gaze softened. “Gods, Ian Mac, I—”

“No more talking. I want to taste you.”

Mac slowly sucked Willow’s cock into his mouth and then took even more. Willow’s hand slid into his hair to cup his skull as Mac began to slide his mouth up and down his lover’s hot pulsing flesh. He closed his eyes to concentrate, letting Willow’s emotions guide him into giving pleasure and not thinking about the fact that he’d never have dreamed he’d be so eager to suck another man’s dick.

“Esca was right. When it’s the right person attached to the cock one is required to suck, it suddenly makes perfect sense.”

Willow’s amusement flooded through him, and he focused even harder, until his companion stopped being careful and started to fuck his mouth with each thrust of his hips, his hand holding Mac’s head just where he wanted him.

And Mac took it all. Took Willow’s cock until he flooded his throat with come. When Willow finished shuddering, Mac climbed up on the bed and drew the other man down beside him, chest to chest, knee to knee, face to face. A strange sensation of peace stole over him and he knew it emanated from Willow. They might be opposites, but they complemented each other in ways that astounded him.

Willow touched his face. “I dreamed of this, Ian Mac. Lying here with you.” He hesitated. “When I thought you didn’t want me, I believed the Oracle had deceived me. For the first time in my life, I doubted myself and all my certainties.”

“The Oracle told you about me?”

He nodded. “When I reached the age of eighteen years and went to the temple complex to be received as an adult. She said I would have to wait as many years as I already had for my mates to arrive. When I saw you…I knew you were the one, and then I met Neeve and I was certain.”

“So was Neeve. It was only the idiot from Earth who didn’t get it.”

Willow smiled at him. “You have worked it out now, First Male.” His expression became more serious. “You do not have to let me fuck you, Ian Mac. Not all triads are equal.”

“That’s good to know but, hell…” Mac gathered his courage and looked right into Willow’s silver eyes. “Every time you had Neeve like that, I wondered how it would feel, how you would fit inside me.”

Willow glanced down at his cock. “I’m big.”

“I noticed that.” Mac licked his lips. “I’ve already had you crammed down my throat.”

“I’d be careful.”

Mac nodded, his gaze riveted on Willow’s smiling mouth. “Then I’m yours.”

“Then lie back and let me take what is mine.” Willow whispered.

Ian Mac rolled over onto his back and Willow undid the towel wrapped around his lover’s waist and threw it onto the floor. With careful hands, he traced his fingers down over Ian Mac’s arms and then his chest, narrow waist and lean hips. His mate was beautiful. Taller than Willow, but no less muscular. When they were better acquainted in bed, it would be a pleasure to measure his strength against this man’s…

“Fighting and fucking.” Ian Mac murmured. “I look forward to that.”

Willow kissed and licked Ian Mac’s nipple and then drew it into his mouth to suck until his lover was writhing against the sheets. His cock pressing urgently against Willow’s stomach leaving trails of glistening pre-cum that connected their bodies.

With a grateful sigh, Willow kissed and licked his way over Ian Mac’s chest, following the line of dark hair down to his groin, and then diverting to his hips and thighs.

“Touch my cock.”

The telepathic plea was urgent. Willow smiled as he bit the inside of Ian Mac’s thigh.

“Not yet.”


“But I am enjoying making you pay for not realizing I was your mate, Ian Mac.”

His lover shifted restlessly on the sheets. “Then I suppose I’ll have to bear it.”

Willow gently ran his tongue over Ian Mac’s balls and the underside of his cock, making him hiss out a curse. He licked up the pre-cum that ran down Ian Mac’s shaft savoring the taste and then rose over him to press his mouth to his mate’s. With a groan, Ian Mac let him in, battling with Willow and sucking his own essence off Willow’s thrusting tongue.

“Do you like your taste, my mate? Do you know how it drives me wild knowing I made you this wet even after three days of serving our Female?”

Willow released Ian Mac’s mouth and kissed his way down to his cock again, this time taking it carefully in his mouth while his fingers stroked lower, cupping his balls and stroking backward across the smooth skin of his taint to his lover’s tight ass hole.


Without taking his mouth away from Ian Mac’s cock, Willow reached out a hand and yanked open the drawer beside his bed, his fingers seeking the unscented oil he kept there.

“I take it I’m not the first man you’ve fucked, Willow?”

“Not the first. But definitely the last.”

“Good to know.”

“I’ll make this good for you, Ian Mac, I swear it.”

He felt his lover’s hand touch his hair. “Because I’ve never done this before.”

“Taken a man inside you?” Willow went still. “Then I am doubly honored and humbled by your trust in me, First Male.”

“And I wish you would stop being so fucking formal and get on with it.” Willow snorted and Ian Mac’s grip on his hair tightened. “Please.”

“As you wish, First Male.”

Willow eased the tip of his well-lubed finger inside Ian Mac and felt his helpless shudder of response. As he pushed deeper, he sucked carefully at his lover’s cock, keeping his hips moving, keeping him aroused and willing to take more with each subtle push of his finger. Soon it became easier and he added another finger, widening Ian Mac for the invasion to come, and then added a third. Increasing the pressure of his sucking on Ian Mac’s cock, he kept his mate occupied with the influx of constant pleasure while he readied his own cock.

Even so, he hesitated when he looked down at his eager cock and considered how tight Ian Mac was going to be. Hard fingers wove into his hair and his lover pulled his head down.

“Just do it, Willow. I don’t care if it hurts. I just want you inside me.”

“If you insist.”

Willow wrapped his fingers around the base of his shaft and introduced the tip to the well-oiled ring of muscle around Ian Mac’s entrance. He held his breath as he was able to move inward, aware of the silence in his mate’s head and of every nuance of his anticipation.

“Relax for me, Ian Mac,” he murmured.

“That’s damned hard to do when you are so…goddam it…fucking huge.” Ian Mac said through clenched teeth.

Willow claimed his mouth and his cock using his fingers and tongue to distract Ian Mac as he slowly and carefully pushed deeper. Gods, he wanted to come himself, the tight grip on his cock was intoxicating. He took a deep calming breath and opened his mind to Ian Mac, sharing his experience. His lover angled his hips allowing him deeper, his mind now flowing in tune with Willow’s. Every inch gained, every thrill of pleasure, was shared between them in an endless erotic cycle. Discomfort was forgotten in the urgent need to possess the other, to share such an unforgettable moment…

Willow slowly opened his eyes and looked down at Ian Mac who was staring right back at him, his blue eyes narrowed with lust, his muscular frame pinned to the bed with the weight of Willow’s body over him.

“May I move now?” Willow asked.

“I’ll probably come if you do. I’m barely holding it together as it is.”

“You won’t come, Ian Mac. You’ll wait for me.” Holding his lover’s gaze, Willow began to move very gently back and forth until he had to shut his eyes against the glorious bloom of lust and desire in Ian Mac’s face.

“God—that’s—” His lover clutched Willow’s arm and held on, his grip ferocious. Not that Willow cared, he was too far gone to do anything but thrust his hips and forge his way to a climax that would bring him and Ian Mac to a new level of bonding he’d never experienced with another male.

Reaching down, he reclaimed Ian Mac’s cock and pumped it hard in time to his own thrusts. “Come with me, come together.”

Inside his head, Ian Mac roared as he started to come, setting Willow off, too, and then there was nothing but pure sensation and the swirling entity of him and his mate that contained both their souls and would never let them be completely apart again.

He fell forward over Ian Mac, catching himself on his hands and tried to remember how to breathe. His lover wrapped an arm around his shoulders and held him in place as they both tried to reassemble their sense of self and disengage both physically and mentally.

After a long while, when their breathing had returned to normal, Ian Mac croaked. “Shower.”

And Willow rolled off him and onto his feet. His whole body was trembling.

He led the way into the small bathroom and turned on the shower. It was a squeeze to fit them both in the stall, but they managed it, mainly because they didn’t mind washing any bits of the other if they got confused. Washing turned to other interesting things, and Willow ended up wet and naked and on all fours on the bed being fucked from behind.

Not that he minded having another shower at all…

After they’d both dried off and returned to make the disordered bed so they could sleep in it, Willow went down on his knees in front of Ian Mac.

“First Male.” He reached for Ian Mac’s hand and kissed his fingers.

“You’re getting formal again.”

Willow looked up at him. “It is simply a matter of respect and acknowledgement of our relative positions within the triad.”

“Then what am I required to do in return?”

“Put your hand on the top of my head and acknowledge me by saying, ’Second Male.’”

“But we already know these things. And, I don’t believe you are inferior to me—”

Willow remained kneeling. “Ian Mac.” He said politely, but firmly. “It would mean a great deal to me if you would do this.”

He heard his lover sigh as his hand touched Willow’s hair.

“Second Male.”


Willow rose and smiled into his Ian Mac’s perturbed face. “Thank you.”

“I’ll do it for you, but it doesn’t mean anything, okay?”

“It means the world to me.”

Ian Mac grinned. “Then you’re as crazy as I am. Let’s go to sleep and take ourselves back to Neeve in the morning as ordered.” He yawned so hard he cracked his jaw. “We probably woke her up with all that sex anyway.”

“You did. And I can’t wait to experience it at first hand in the morning.”

Willow smiled as the voice of their First Female resonated through both their minds.

“We will return to you at first light, First Female.”

“Make it lunchtime and I might be awake.”

Willow climbed into bed and Ian Mac followed him. And for the first time in his life, despite having everything in the universe to be thankful for, Willow forgot to say his prayers and fell fast asleep.