Online Dating Etiquette

Although the Internet is an endless area, a huge expanse, it is physically invisible to the rest of the world. However, it incorporates almost every element of the actual world inside itself: you mention it, and the internet will practically show it to you.

Even the dating world is not immune. It is now entirely virtual! Whatever you think of it, this new age avatar of dating works very well. However, advancement comes new difficulties, and just as there are moral duties and etiquettes to follow in the actual world, the virtual world also requires you to adhere to these etiquettes and retain some sanity.

Indeed, a bigger need exists now since everything is hidden. However, keep in mind that a relationship develops only when both parties can see eye to eye. And you will have to sooner or later. It will all come crashing down if the foundation (email communication) is constructed on damp soils.

To create a powerful one, you’ll need etiquettes, just like you would in the real world. Continue reading to learn about proper email dating etiquette.

Online Email Dating Etiquette

  • The first thing you should bear in mind is to behave responsibly and to safeguard your personal privacy. To begin, do not use your normal email address when signing up for an online dating service; instead, establish a new one without your name. For instance, use ‘[email protected]’ rather than ‘[email protected]’.
  • When starting contact with someone, keep in mind that even if you already know a bit about the individual (as shown on the profile), you must approach the situation as if you knew nothing. Avoid acting arrogantly, as though you’re the best of friends. Introduce yourself formally and inform the individual how or where you discovered the profile. Additionally, choose a non-standard/non-revealing email address, such as the one suggested in the first step.
  • You will not always be the one to take the initiative! Occasionally, others will take an interest in you and contact you. Within a short period of time, you will determine whether or not you are interested in that specific individual. If not, do not push him/her away angrily, but politely convey to the individual why you are not interested. However, avoid going into excessive detail with your explanations.
  • Bear in mind that you will very certainly meet that individual sometime. Therefore, avoid pretending to be someone you are not and be yourself. When you do meet for the first time, actual impressions, whether good or bad, will begin to form. Until then, refrain from using email to construct airborne castles. Communicate through email as you would usually with a friend or family member.
  • Apart from introducing yourself, highlight anything noteworthy about that person’s profile and why you decided to approach him/her in your first email. Maintain complete sincerity! Additionally, provide no more than a paragraph highlighting some of the characteristics that distinguish you or set you apart.
  • Keep your first email, as well as future ones, brief and succinct. There is no room for excessive description: thousands of words and on and on. If nothing else, it may create the impression that you are too concerned with justification in the reader’s mind. As a result, be succinct and straightforward. Set aside personal items for the face-to-face encounter.
  • Email exchanges are not just about you; avoid treating them as interviews. Therefore, do not just enable the other person to express their thoughts; encourage him or her to react in a non-desperate manner. In your case, just as you expect a quick response to your emails, others do as well. Never forget to respond, even if you are not in the mood to converse. Inform him/her politely of the cause.
  • If everything goes well and both of you feel prepared to take the next step: giving your relationship a chance, then delete your profile. This demonstrates to the individual that you are prepared to commit and are not still on the lookout for superior alternatives or flirting. This will be the last step, since you cannot continue sending emails indefinitely.
  • Finally, but certainly not least, you have a moral responsibility to uphold. While your profile is active on the internet, you will always get threatening or abusive emails. Apart from blocking, you may assist others by notifying the hosting provider of the same. If a specific amount of reports are received for a certain profile, the business will delete it.

Adhere to these online email dating etiquette guidelines and problems will most certainly stay away. Act authentically and responsibly!