Is Tybee Island a good place to retire?

Is Tybee Island a good place to retire?

Living in Tybee Island offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Tybee Island there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Many retirees live in Tybee Island and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Tybee Island are above average.

Do people live year round on Tybee Island?

More videos on YouTube A little over 3.5 square miles of land with a year round population of roughly 3100, Tybee attracts thousands of tourists from May to September. As mentioned, Tybee Island real estate is truly within the reach of many homebuyers.

How much does it cost to live on Tybee Island?

Tybee Island cost of living is 125.7

COST OF LIVING Tybee Island Georgia
Overall 125.7 93.4
Grocery 107.2 95.5
Health 89.5 95.5
Housing 192.1 80.7

Is Tybee Island a real beach?

Tybee Island GA – Savannah’s Beach. Welcome to Tybee Island, a small coastal community located only 18 miles away from Historic Savannah, Georgia. Consistently named as one of the top-rated beaches in the U.S., Tybee has something for everyone!

Is Tybee Island safe?

Is Tybee Island, GA Safe? The D- grade means the rate of crime is much higher than the average US city. Tybee Island is in the 11th percentile for safety, meaning 89% of cities are safer and 11% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Tybee Island’s proper boundaries only.

Is it safe to swim at Tybee?

The Chatham County Health Department recommends you do not swim or wade in the water in the areas under advisory. Fish and other seafood caught from these areas should be thoroughly washed with fresh water and thoroughly cooked before eating as should fish or seafood caught from any waters.

Is the water clear at Tybee Island?

Great Beach, Clean clear water, – Tybee Island Beach.

Does Tybee Island have blue water?

Often referred to simply as “Savannah’s Beach,” Tybee Island offers 5 miles of white sand and glimmering blue water. But the larger South Beach also has a few things going for it. It’s tailored for family outings, with gentle waves, soft sand and lifeguards. You’ll also find colorful shops and restaurants to explore.