Is education free in Solomon Islands?

Is education free in Solomon Islands?

Due to their high poverty rate, the Solomon Islands do not make education a requirement. Only 2.2 percent of the government’s budget goes toward education, dropping drastically from its 9.7 percent in 1998. While education is not compulsory in the Solomon Islands, it is free for at least primary school.

In which island children do not go to school?

“In the Pacific islands progress has been made and more children than ever before are enrolled in pre-primary education. But the most vulnerable are still denied this opportunity.

What is the literacy rate in Solomon Islands?


Is school compulsory in Solomon Islands?

Education on the Solomon Islands is not compulsory, despite subsidies from major Oceanic nations, and less than 60% of children enter primary school for a mandatory 6 year period.

What is school like in Solomon Islands?

There are limited options for higher education. Education in the Solomon Islands consists of six years of primary education and seven years of secondary education. Afterward, students who wish to complete a higher education within the Solomon Islands must attend one of three colleges in the country.

What is the unemployment rate in Solomon Islands?

Solomon Islands unemployment rate was at level of 0.8 % in 2020, up from 0.6 % previous year.

What is the infant mortality rate in Solomon Islands?

14.41 deaths per thousand live births

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