How To Woo A Guy?

George Eliot said correctly, “I like not only being loved, but also being told I am loved.” Isn’t it true for everyone of us? Every one of us want that particular someone who will embrace us, take note of our presence, and adore us for who we are. Sometimes the stars are on your side, and other times you must work for his adoration and attention. You must not only pursue him but also blast your horn in his face. It entails reflecting a distinction between you and the other females in his vicinity. Additionally, you must be brave enough to communicate your real emotions before it is too late. The following subsections will assist you in your quest to make your love life a success. Consider the following.

Wooing A Guy

Be Confident 

Confidence is the key to unlocking the door to that particular someone. Men are taken aback by the outpouring of energy generated by self-reliance. Therefore, if you are controlled by the manly power of self-reliance and possess the capacity to remain strong in the face of adversity, these are the personality characteristics that will amaze your boyfriend. Never be afraid to have a voice in decision-making. It will represent your personality and tenacity. Maintaining eye contact is also critical for demonstrating your confidence.


Ask yourself a question. Which would you prefer on a date: a man who seldom smiles and acts as if the whole world is against him, or a person who lives for the moment and makes everyone around him happy with his words and actions? Naturally, your first choice would be the latter. Similarly, males like ladies who possess an aura of attractiveness, are outgoing, and do not bore others with their constant complaints. Therefore, smile! It is really effective. It demonstrates your devotion to your own life, and as a result, you make everyone around you happy. It is appropriate at this point to cite Mother Teresa, who once remarked, ‘Let us always greet one another with a smile, because a smile is the beginning of love.’

Befriend Him 

Are you actually acquainted with the gentleman, or was just his look that created an impact on you? Make a friend of him. Acquaint yourself with him and his actions. Take some time to determine if the two of you are compatible or not. Once you become his close buddy, things will become much easier for you. Probably, after becoming your buddy, he will fall in love with you and propose to you someday. Isn’t it wonderful?

Find Ways To Connect With Him 

You now have a variety of methods to communicate with one another because to technology. Join social networking sites such as twitter and facebook where he is a frequent visitor and learn more about him by talking with him or reading through his profile. Appreciate his ideas as they are recorded on these sites, and you will find it simple to connect with him. These techniques may be very beneficial if you are a shy lady who is fearful of his rejection. Begin as an acquaintance and progress to being (or most likely becoming) his girl friend.

Be Yourself 

Never jeopardize your uniqueness! Being someone else before him may dazzle him initially, but it would be detrimental to the relationship and to you in the long term. Certainly, you do not want to build your relationship on the basis of untruth. Therefore, represent your authentic self. Nothing can put an end to the relationship if he is in your destiny, but if he is not, you must be prepared to accept whatever life has in store for you.

Be Presentable 

As Ovid puts it, ‘If you want to be loved, strive to be lovely.’ Always remember that it is you who may convert the repelling magnets to attractive ones. It is not about designer clothes, high-end accessories, and matching handbags, but about wearing appropriately and in accordance with decency. Ascertain that you are not wearing the same clothing each time you see him, that your hair is correctly styled, and that your ears are clean (they notice). Really!. Above all, portray the greatest possible version of yourself.

Find Mutual Interests 

Do you like it when someone speaks incessantly about subjects that are not of interest to you? How often would you want to socialize with such individuals? Your response may be a categorical NO-NO. The same is true for males. While conversing with him, look for areas of mutual interest. He will notice and will appreciate you for taking his preferences into account. Make rational remarks while expressing your viewpoint. Always keep in mind that intelligent women are the most attractive to men.

To summarize, being loved by your love is the most wonderful sensation a lady can have. If a man has struck a chord with you, use these techniques to elevate him from just a companion to a life partner.