How To Know If You Have A Crush?

While we are on this journey called life, we come across many individuals. We meet them, savor the moments, and then move on to other encounters. However, at some time in our lives, we meet someone who brings our path to a stop.

We want to be in his/her presence at all times. And it is at this period that we suffer mental bewilderment. Do I have feelings for him/her? Typically, one encounters this scenario throughout adolescence or later in life, when one realizes that the other person is the perfect person for him/her.

During this time period, one always has the sensation of being on top of the world. However, the question continues to swirl around your head. Am I fond of him/her? Consider a few of the indications for this question. Continue reading to learn how to tell whether you have a crush.

Ways To Know If You Have A Crush Appearance 

Am I in excellent shape? Is the outfit fine? Are my tresses properly combed or do I need to apply a gel to set them? Hmm, the scent is delicate and exquisite! To summarize, these are some basic questions we ask ourselves while attending an event. However, what if you begin asking these questions when a buddy arrives to meet you? You are always concerned about your appearance in order to seem presentable and well-dressed. This indicates that you want to impress him or her with your look and sense of style.


How do you respond when a person passes by while you are doing your duty? Are you aware of everyone? Most likely not! However, there is someone in this throng for whom you must constantly be accessible and never leave the area. And at home, you spend hours on the balcony exchanging looks and sometimes exchanging a grin. When you’re alone, you attempt to strike up a conversation with him/her.


A notion transports you to another planet, and for a while, you lose track of what is going on around you. So, have others begun to inquire as to whether you are listening or not? Yes! This indicates that they have picked up on your covert behavior. You pay little heed to what others are saying. And if you’re at a lecture, you may be unaware of the current subject. You just think about the person you admire or, more likely, have a crush on. You think about that individual every time you consume meals or go out with pals. Your thoughts demonstrate that you have a soft spot for that individual.


Do you have someone in mind when you listen to a romantic song? Without a doubt, the words of a song express your emotions for someone. You see yourself and the other person as characters in a film scenario and daydream about it. When you first glimpse his or her face in the morning, you experience everlasting pleasure. You have a tendency to feel nothing but positive for that individual. His/her presence alters your mood and makes you feel as if you’re floating on air. These lovely thoughts and emotions suggest that you’ve developed an affection for him/her.


You make an effort to communicate with him/her about trivial matters just to get a better understanding of the individual and to ensure that the conversation results in positive and peaceful dialogue. You make inane jokes only to get the other person to laugh at your bad humor.

On-line Test 

Have you ever used one of the online love calculators? Thus, whose name did you put in place of your own? Is it the same individual that consistently captures your attention? (Yes) However, there are times when you do not have the opportunity to express your emotions, and you assess yourself by taking online tests that offer you a clue in some manner.

These are some of the interactions that a person may have during a period of “CRUSH” in his or her life. If one encounters any of these occurrences, it indicates that one has a crush on someone.