How many pages does the book bleachers have?

How many pages does the book bleachers have?

240 pages

How old is Neely Crenshaw in bleachers?

Neely is a troubled man of 30 when he returns to his hometown to sit a death vigil for his former football coach, Eddie Rake.

When was bleachers published?


Who died in bleachers?

Rake ends his career with 418 wins, 62 losses, and 13 state championships. During a grueling unsanctioned Sunday morning practice in 1992, Messina player Scotty Reardon died of a heat stroke.

Why does Neely Crenshaw return to Messina?

He also was fired for inadvertently causing the death of a player because of his strict conditioning practices. He is in the process of dying of cancer, and his former players begin to return to Messina to reminisce about their coach and the glory days of Messina football.

Who are the main characters in bleachers?

Major Characters

  • Coach Eddie Rake. Although he never appears in the flesh in the story, he is definitely the main character.
  • Neely Crenshaw. He is the main character, and the author tells the story from his point of view.
  • Paul Curry.
  • Silo Mooney.
  • Nat Sawyer.
  • Sheriff Mal Brown.
  • Rabbit.
  • Randy Jaeger.

Who is screamer from bleachers?

Brandy Skimmel

What point of view is bleachers?

As the men remember their coach and their glory days, they decide if they hate their former coach for pushing them too hard or love him for making them the best they could be. The book “Bleachers” is told in a third person point of view. The setting takes place in the town of Messina, Mississippi.

What number is Neely Crenshaw in bleachers?


What is the setting of bleachers?

The setting for Bleachers is Messina, a town in an unidentified Southern state which becomes the center of the universe for high school football fans on Friday nights. It’s the home of the multi-champion Spartans and their legendary coach, Eddie Rake, who, on this weekend, lies on his deathbed.

What injury put Neely out of the college game?

Neely Crenshaw used to be a super star high school football player for the small town of Messina He was on his way to college football and the NFL, but a devastating knee injury put a stop to his promising career.

How did rake finally feel about his players?

How did Rake finally say he felt about his players? He cherished every one of them and he said he loved his players.

What does rabbit do in coach rake?

What did rabbit do in honor of coach rake? He would leave the lights on in honor of him, but he turned them off when coached rake passed away.

Why did Neely go to Tech?

Rabbit keeps the field lights on until Rake’s death, and then he shuts them off. He died during practice. Why did Neely ultimately decide to go to Tech? They offered him the most cash money.

How did Neely’s playing career end bleachers?

Then, Neely and Silo reminisce about the knee injury which ended Neely’s football career. A player from A&M had deliberately gone for his knee in an out-of-bounds hit, and it was a career-ending injury. The format was simple – a player would run until he dropped with twelve laps around the field as the minimum.

What is the climax of bleachers?

The climax occurs when Neely Crenshaw appears as the third eulogist for Coach Eddie Rake. The reader doesn’t expect him to be the one to speak well of his memories of his coach, because we have seen him turn away from Rake and Messina football so often throughout the book.

What genre is Bleachers by John Grisham?


Who is rabbit in bleachers?

Sheriff Brown threatens to shut him down. Rabbit is the eccentric but kindly assistant athletic director for Coach Rake. He lives above the clubhouse and keeps the grounds neat. He is loyal to Rake because Rake saved him from being fired from the high school for teaching with no credentials.

What is the main conflict in bleachers?

The conflict occurs when Neely attends the funeral of Coach Rake and delivers an emotional eulogy. This isn’t normal considering the hatred that they had during Neely’s career with Messina football. Many times throughout the book, Neely turns his back on Coach Rake and Messina Football.

What is the climax of Crenshaw?

Resolution. The story’s climax is when the family finally moves out of their apartment, and they move into their car. They end up having to stop every single day at the busiest traffic light to ask for money.