How does Jane compare herself to Blanche Ingram?

How does Jane compare herself to Blanche Ingram?

Whenever her feelings for Rochester become too intense, Jane compares her own plainness with Blanche’s beauty. In fact, she looks even better than she did when Bessie saw her, because she has gained color, flesh, and vivacity from the pleasures she enjoys in her relationship with Rochester.

What does Blanche represent Jane Eyre?

In the novel Jane Eyre, Blanche Ingram indirectly raises Jane’s sense of self-worth by allowing Jane to see that her humility and compassion can be prized above wealth and physical appearance. Blanche Ingram is a a complete contrast to Jane in the way she looks and acts.

How does Jane Eyre describe Blanche Ingram?

Blanche Ingram is Rochester’s ‘love interest’ and arrives at Thornfield with the intention of marrying Rochester. Blanche is described as beautiful, clever and witty. She does not love Rochester and only wants to marry him for his wealth and fortune. This makes her appear cold-hearted, vindictive and scheming.

Why is Jane not jealous of Blanche Ingram?

According to Blanche Ingram, she liked Mr. Why isn’t Jane jealous of Blanche Ingram? Blanche is too inferior to Jane to even cause Jane to feel jealousy – blanche is beneath her. for what reasons does jane believe mr.

Why does Mr Rochester lie to Jane?

Rochester disguises himself as a fortune teller to retrieve information from Jane and to reaffirm that he and Miss Ingram will marry. Jane asks the fortune teller (Mr. Rochester) if the two are to be married and she (in reality it is a he since it is Mr. Rochester) responds in the affirmative.

Is Mr Rochester bad?

Edward Rochester, before the arrival of Jane, is a terrible man. He’s selfish and self-centered. Rochester only wishes to make himself feel good and to escape the burden of his wife.

Is Rochester intelligent?

Edward Rochester is the master of Thornfield Hall and as a consequence, has a large fortune. Brontë describes Rochester as aloof, intelligent, rugged and witty.

Does Mr Rochester lose his fortune?

Mr. Rochester loses a good chunk of money and valuable property in the fire which claims Bertha’s life and his own eyesight, but he does not lose his fortune altogether.

What does Jane think of Mr Rochester?

I thought there were excellent materials in him, though, for the present, they hung together somewhat spoiled and tangled. In this quote, Jane describes her feelings for Mr. Rochester after he reveals details about his past. Despite his troubles and many faults, Jane admits that she cares for and accepts him.