How do I contact the CEO of JCPenney?

Michelle Miller | JCPenney | Email CEO CFO.

Where is JCPenney’s corporate office?

Plano, TX

Who is the CEO of JC Penney?

Jill Soltau (Oct 15, 2018–)

How do I chat with JCPenney?

While does not offer live chat, they do have a phone number. There is only 1 way to get customer help from them. The best phone number for is their 800-322-1189 customer service phone number, and you can get the details and use our free call-back service by finding the link for it above and clicking it.

How do I complain to JCPenney?

If you want to contact JCPenney directly, email, tweet @askJCP, Call 1-800-322-1189 or visit their returns website.

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  3. Contact Us. Email Call 1-800-322-1189. Tweet us @ askJCP.

Can I use my JCPenney credit card at Walmart?

No, JCPenney credit cards are exclusively used at JCPenney stores,, Sephora sites inside JCPenney stores,, Rite Aid, and Therefore they cannot be used at Walmart.

Can I use my JCPenney credit card for gas?

You can use the JCPenney Credit Card at JCPenney,, Sephora stores inside JCPenney locations,, Rite Aid, and There is also a JCP Mastercard credit card that can be used pretty much anywhere credit cards are accepted.

What bank is JCPenney credit card?

Synchrony Bank

How do I increase my credit limit with JCPenney?

You can request a JCPenney Credit Card credit limit increase online by signing in to your account or by calling (800) 542-0800. The issuer will also periodically review your account to assess if you’re eligible for one.

What bank is Kohls credit card?

Capital One

Is a Kohls card worth it?

Is the Kohl’s Charge card worth it? That depends. The Kohl’s Charge card is worth it if the consumer shops at Kohl’s often and is aware that the card can only be used at Kohl’s. Likewise, the rewards can only be used at Kohl’s.

Does a Kohl’s Charge Card build credit?

Getting a store credit card can be a good way to build credit without having to put down a deposit on a secured credit card.

Is Kohls owned by Capital One?

Capital One has acquired the more than 20 million existing Kohl’s Charge accounts and through the seven-year agreement will offer private-label credit cards to new and existing Kohl’s customers.

Does Kohl’s automatically increase credit limit?

Yes, the Kohl’s Credit Card does a hard pull for a credit line increase. This may hurt your credit score for a short period of time. You can request an increase online or by calling 1 (877) 487-1638. Your best chances of getting one are if you’ve been paying your bills on time and in full for the last 3 months.