How do I contact Arsenal players?

Contact The Club

  1. Arsenal Football Club.
  2. T: (+44) (0)20 7619 5003.
  3. F: (+44) (0)20 7704 4001.
  4. Official Arsenal club website:
  5. Official Arsenal Twitter account:
  6. Official Arsenal Facebook page:

Who is in charge of recruitment at Arsenal?

Francis Cagigao

Which team has beaten Arsenal the most?

The team that Arsenal have played most in league competition is Manchester United, who they first met in the 1894–95 Football League season; the 83 defeats from 201 meetings is more than they have lost against any other club. Liverpool have drawn 52 league encounters with Arsenal, more than any other club.

Is Tottenham poor?

Demography. A claim made by MP David Lammy in 2011, indicated that at that time Tottenham had the highest unemployment rate in London and the eighth highest in the United Kingdom, and it had some of the highest poverty rates within the country.

Who has beaten Chelsea the most?

The club has won 63 of their league matches against Newcastle United which represents the most Chelsea have won against any club….All-time league record.

Club Arsenal
Total F 217
A 237
Win% 31.55
First 1907–08

Who is the highest goal scorer in Chelsea history?

Frank Lampard

Who is Everton’s youngest ever player?

James Vaughan

Who is Man City’s top scorer?

Kevin De Bruyne

Who Is Better Man United or Man City?

The teams have played 185 matches in all competitions, United winning 77, City 55, and the remaining 53 having been drawn. Amongst the most successful clubs in England, between them they have won 94 honours: a record 66 for Manchester United and 28 for Manchester City.

Who is Man City’s most expensive player?

Kevin De Bruyne — £68.4m Eyebrows were raised when City made De Bruyne their most expensive transfer in the history of the club.

How much is man city worth?

In 2019, Manchester City had a brand value of 1.41 billion U.S. dollars.

Why is Man City banned?

Manchester City’s two-year ban from the Champions League for a serious breach of Uefa’s financial fair play rules has been overturned by the court of arbitration for sport, which also reduced the club’s fine to €10m (£9m) from €30m.

Does Man City make a profit?

Despite the loss of £126 million, Manchester City announced in their statement that the club expects to return to profitability in the current season, stating: “The result of these extraordinary pandemic factors is a reported net loss of £126.0m for the 2019-20 season.