How can I make my v6 more fuel efficient?

How can I make my v6 more fuel efficient?

Key Takeaways

  1. Driving at slower speeds, going easy on the gas and brake pedals, and properly using cruise control are all strategies for achieving better fuel efficiency.
  2. A well-maintained vehicle with properly inflated tires and good alignment can also stretch the gas tank further.

How can I increase my petrol fuel consumption?

Top 10 ways to improve fuel efficiency

  1. Unfortunately, the cost of motoring is going only one way – up.
  2. 1: Remove weight.
  3. 2: Reduce drag.
  4. 3: Basic maintenance.
  5. 4: Plan journeys.
  6. 5: Turn off air conditioning.
  7. 6: Change up early.
  8. 7: Use engine stop/start.

How do you fix fuel economy?

Drive More Efficiently

  1. Go Easy on the Pedal. Speeding, braking, and rapid acceleration waste gas.
  2. Slow Down. Gas mileage efficiency tends to decrease above 50 miles per hour.
  3. Leave Extras at Home.
  4. Use Cruise Control (When Appropriate)
  5. Turn off the Car.
  6. Check Tire Pressure.
  7. Replace Spark Plugs.
  8. Check the Alignment.

How important is proper spark plug gap?

When replacing spark plugs, ensuring that the plugs have the proper gap is critical to engine performance. The gap is the distance between the center and side electrodes, set so arcing occurs at the proper voltage that ignites the fuel and generates the combustion that makes the engine run.

Does better spark plugs make a difference?

Installing high-performance spark plugs can smooth out a rough idle and get your motor purring immediately. Pulstar spark plugs can give your engine more power, a quicker throttle response, and a more stable, longer-lived engine.

Which spark plugs are better iridium or platinum?

Iridium is said to be six times harder and eight times stronger than platinum with a 700° higher melting point. Iridium spark plugs have extremely fine electrodes while retaining excellent wear characteristics. Thanks to its strength, iridium spark plugs can last up to 25% longer than comparable platinum spark plugs.