Marriage of Convenience by Katy Kaylee

Chapter 8


I wasn’t kidding when I told Chase that I felt like I was Dorothy in Oz. Everything I’d experienced since getting into the limo was new and foreign to me. It wasn’t just that he was rich and catered to that was new, but also things like the taste of champagne or the pasta. I’d had plenty of pasta in my time because it was cheap and easy to make. But I had no idea that pasta could taste so delicious. In the span of an hour, I had my first limo ride, first drink of champagne, and first taste of shrimp. It reminded me that Chase and I were worlds apart. I appreciated him letting me in to view his world and only hoped I wouldn’t embarrass him.

Chase’s phone rang just as we were finishing our food.

“Shit, I need to take this.” He moved out of the booth. “I’ll be right back.”

I nodded, and watched the people on the dance floor. I studied how they moved so I’d be able to mimic them. All of a sudden there was a flash, and holographic images appeared with the other dancers. There was a whoop from the crowd as if they’d been waiting for the ghostly images to appear.

Enthralled, I left the booth and went to the dance floor. I watch one of the holograms, and began to copy its moves, swaying my hips and reaching my hands overhead.

“Nice moves,” a breathy voice said from behind me. The voice wasn’t Chase’s. Neither were the hands that gripped my hips and tugged until my backside was against his body.

I flinched and pulled away. Not wanting to be rude, I turned to say thanks but no thanks. The man was in his twenties, and while handsome, his leering at my chest annoyed me.

“I’m here with someone,” I said as I tried to move away.

“Right now, you’re with me,” he said with a slur. He grabbed my hips again and started to rub himself against me.

“Back off.” A hand flattened on the man’s chest and pushed him back.

The man’s eyes narrowed. “Hey, I was here first, she’s mine.”

“She’s nobody’s, you fuckhead,” Chase’s gray eyes darkened lethally.

“She was dancing with me.”

Chase nodded to someone and within a few moments, a very large man who looked like he could lift a car appeared. “Problem Mr. Raven?”

“Get this dick out of the club. If he’s too much trouble getting him out, put him on the never list.”

“Yes, sir.”

The big man, gripped the other man by the arm and pulled him to the door. I couldn’t see if there was any problem because Chase stepped in front of me.

“You okay?” His hands rubbed my arms, and I felt reassured.

“Yes. I forgot how bold people in the city can be. What’s the never list?”

“Never allowed back in.” His eyes studied me. “Still want to dance?”

I grinned. “Yes.” I looked at the holograms. “I don’t know if I’m doing it right.”

“Just move with the music, Sara.”

I began to move my hips again, and did as he said, feeling the pounding of the bass reverberate through my body. As we danced, the area became more and more crowded with people, pushing Chase and I closer together. I was okay with that. I didn’t like that other guy getting too close, but with Chase, I couldn’t get close enough. He moved with such power and grace, and my body heated in the same way it had when he’d kissed me.

I was bumped from behind, getting pushed against him, and a shock of electricity fired though my body as my breasts pressed against his chest. His hand went to my hip. I’d thought he’d set it here to help me stay balanced, but he left it there, sliding it back, and holding me to him when I started to move away.

Every neuron in my body was on fire. My head felt dizzy and giddy. My breasts ached for something I didn’t understand. I was sure I was going to spontaneously combust.

“I need a drink,” I said, taking his hand and pulling him back to our booth.

I downed the glass of champagne, trying to douse the fire.

He sat close to me again, and I realized he, not the champagne or dancefloor, was the source of all my aching need.

His gray eyes watched me. Before, he seemed amused and curious about me, but right now, his eyes looked hot and just as needy as I felt.

Unable to stop myself, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his. He growled, and he lifted my leg over his thighs like he was trying to rub against me the way the other man had. This time I wanted it too.

“Let’s get out of here.” He took my hand and led me out a back door where the limo sat waiting for him. Once in the car, he told the driver where to go and then I was sitting on his lap, and his lips were consuming mine again. My head spun with all the sensations coursing through my body.

He pulled away from the kiss making me whimper. But then his tongue was licking the exposed skin over my breasts, dipping between them. My nipples hardened even more, and I wanted to get naked and have his tongue on every part of me.

His hand moved up my thigh and under my skirt. My core responded, gushing with wetness. I opened my legs, wanting him to touch me there. I felt like I’d die if he didn’t touch me there.

I whimpered again as his finger teased against the panel of my panties.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he said as his tongue slid inside my bra and flicked at my nipple.

My breath was too harsh, sensations too much to respond. The car stopped and I nearly cried out in frustration when he stopped touching me. He pulled me from the car, and only then I noticed we were in a building garage.

He pulled me to an elevator, and once the doors closed, he was touching me again. “I’m going to fuck you, Sara.”

Thank God.

“Tell me now if that’s not what you want.”

“I do want it.” Oh God, I was going up in flames.

When the doors to the elevator opened again, it let out into a living space. He grabbed me, lifting me up, and shoving a vase off the table in his entryway. He then set me on the table. The vase shattered, but he didn’t seem to care. Instead his focus was on getting my shirt and bra off.

“I knew it,” he said when my breasts were free. “Perfect tits.” His mouth wrapped around my nipple and sucked, and wow, pleasure whipped through my body.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my god!

In just a few seconds, my skirt was bunched up at my hips and my panties were off. His mouth made a trail downward and my hips rocked with need to have him touch me there. Thankfully he did, as he ran a finger through my folds. My body felt like it was being zapped with electricity and that any moment I’d burst like a firework.

“Fuck, you’re dripping.”

Was that bad? His tone suggested that he liked it. But maybe it was gross.

And then his mouth was on me there, and I was probably going to hyperventilate and pass out. His tongue was hot and soft on my sensitive core, and my hips were rocking, wanting something more.

“Oh my God.” I gripped his head to hold him to me.

“You like that, Sara?” His deep voice reverberated against my center, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

“Yes, oh please…” I was panting as the tension grew and grew. I was going to snap or maybe explode.

“Do you need to come?”

I needed him to stop talking and make whatever was happening reach its pinnacle. “Yes. More, Chase… please more.”

He chuckled, and I wondered if what I said was wrong. Then I knew I’d done something wrong when he pulled back and stood. I was getting ready to apologize for whatever I’d done, when he undid his pants, shoving them along with his boxers down. His hard length sprung free, and I had to gasp at the size of it. It was long and thick, pink along the length, and a darker plum on the tip. It looked soft to the touch, and I hoped it was when he put it inside me, because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage it.

His cool gray eyes watched me as I looked at him. “Like what you see, Sara?”

I swallowed hard. I’d touched a man’s dick before, but I’d never seen one. And what I’d felt hadn’t seemed as large as the one Chase was now aiming at my burning core.

He put a condom on, and for the first time, I realized I was going to finally lose my virginity. I was scared and, at the same time, excited.

He rubbed the tip through my folds and the sensation sent a flash of fire through me. I let out a long moan. He brushed his tip it over my aching nub, making my hips buck again. God please just do it. Please fuck me.

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