Marriage of Convenience by Katy Kaylee

Chapter 5


The next morning, I woke up from a dream of my new intern’s full lips around my cock. It was a nice thing to wake up too. The only thing that would have been better was if it were real. But since it wasn’t, and wouldn’t ever be, I’d settle for the next best thing.

I pushed my covers down exposing my hard, aching dick. I wrapped my hand around it then closed my eyes, bringing the image back to mind. She was on her knees, her pretty dark blue eyes looking up at me with that mixture of innocence and knowing I’d seen in them yesterday. Instead of her conservative work clothes, she was naked. I had to guestimate her tits, but from what’d seen yesterday, I knew they had to be lush.

“Suck it, Sara.” I put my dick to her lips, pushing into her mouth. “Ah fuck, yah.” My hand gripped my dick firmly and moved in long slow strokes. I was a fucking pervert, fantasizing about a girl who I learned from her paperwork was only nineteen. She was barely legal, and I was thirteen years older than her. But what I did in the privacy of my own head and bedroom wasn’t anyone’s business. So, I pulled and tugged and imagined fucking her mouth until I blew my load all over my stomach. Yep, not a bad way to start the day.

I got to the office before everyone else, as usual. I liked to get a head start on the day. It always made me feel like I was one step ahead of my dad and brothers. As I entered my office, I noted that a desk had been brought in and set near the window. It had a light and supplies. Alex always did think of everything.

I’d just taken off my coat, when Sara poked her head in my office.

“Sara?” I looked at my watch. She wasn’t due for another thirty minutes.

“Yes sir. I came in early to print off my report for you.” She stood in the doorway and I realized she was waiting for me to give her permission to enter.

“Come in. Your desk is here.” I nodded toward the new piece of furniture.

She smiled, and it was brilliant. Like the world was at her feet. She moved to the desk, setting her papers and laptop on it. Her pen fell on the floor, and she bent over, giving me a stellar view of her round, firm backside straining her pencil skirt. My mind immediately flashed with a new fantasy of taking her from behind on her desk. My dick hardened at the image.

In normal circumstances when I got a hard on with a woman, I didn’t try to hide it. No, I didn’t like to waste a good erection, and in most cases, when I got good and hard, the woman causing it was eager to take care of it for me.

But this wasn’t a normal circumstance. I was Sara’s supervisor. So instead of walking over to her, and rubbing my dick against her backside, I sat down. It was uncomfortable, and I considered going to the bathroom to take care of it.

She straightened and turned to me. She wore a white blouse that fit snugly over her tits. Yep, those beauties were probably perfect and my mouth watered at the thought of sucking them.

Her head cocked to the side, and I wondered if she knew I was having improper thoughts. I suspected she did. A beautiful, sexy woman like her probably got a lot of attention from men. She probably figured out a long time ago that men were ogling her. I wondered if she ever used that to her advantage.

As her boss, though, I needed to stop. I cleared my throat. “The laptop should be connected to a printer. If not mine, then the one out by Alex.”

“Okay.” She sat at her desk and opened the laptop.

It was several minutes later, when she turned toward my printer that I realized I’d just spent the whole time watching her. I frowned at myself. It wasn’t like me to get lost in a woman.

I shook my head to clear the fog.

“I guess it’s at the other printer,” she said as my printer stayed silent.

I nodded.

“I’ll just go look,” she said, as if she was asking to be dismissed.

“Yes.” I watched as she moved to the door and then remembered I wasn’t supposed to be paying so much attention to her. “Sara?”

“Hmm.” She stopped at the door.

“You don’t need my permission to do your work. If you need to leave to get printouts or supplies or whatever, you can just go.”

“Yes sir.”

I frowned at her calling me sir. Normally I liked it from my staff. It showed respect. But with her, it made me feel old.

When she returned, she told me she wanted to review the report before giving it to me. I nodded and turned my focus to my own work.

It only took another hour to think that perhaps having her in my office with me wasn’t the best idea. Too often her scent would tantalize me or she’d move, and I’d look up to see her stretching her arms overhead or biting her plump bottom lip while she was deep in thought. All of it felt like a seduction even though she was simply doing her work.

“I have the report, sir.”

Jesus, I really wanted to tell her to call me Chase. “Okay.” I reached out my hand to take the report. “While I read this, I’ve sent you some spreadsheets. I need the data organized and analyzed. The instructions are with it.”

“Yes sir,” she said handing me the report. She leaned over my desk giving me a peek at the swells of her tits. Her skin was creamy soft looking. I nearly groaned at the thought of running my tongue over her skin.

I opened the report as she went to her desk. Immediately I was impressed by the time she took to format and organize it. I fanned the pages and noted she included pictures of the resort that she must have found online.

The question was, did she have a sound marketing plan? As I read through it, I realized she did. Clearly, she’d researched the marketing tactics we used for our other resorts and referenced some of them in her report. But she’d also had a few new ideas. Some I didn’t think would work, but others had me wondering why we weren’t doing them already. I’d have to talk to Dan Larson about that.

“Good work, Sara,” I said when I finished reading it. “You’re very thorough and clearly have a good sense of marketing psychology.”

Her smile was wide and grateful, like I’d given her gift. It was odd. Hadn’t anyone ever praised her before?

She went back to her work. Needing a break from my constant irritating yet titillating response her proximity, I decided to go talk to Dan about her marketing plan. I probably should have brought her with me, but my goal was to put some distance between us. I’d arrange for her to meet with him later.

When I got back, Sara wasn’t at her desk, but she’d left a note for me saying she’d gone to lunch with Alex.

Good. I needed time alone in my office. I definitely needed to rethink having her share an office with me.

She returned and immediately got back to work. As the end of the day neared, she looked up from her desk. “I have that analysis, if you like to check it.”

“Alright.” I rose from my desk and went to hers. I stood next to her, leaning over to look at her laptop screen. I reviewed the data, and then used the mouse to scroll down.

“I wasn’t sure how you wanted the data organized, so I did it by date here and by category here,” she said, reaching for the mouse. Her hand brushed mine, and I felt a zap of electricity straight to my dick. I jerked my hand back. She clicked on another sheet and the data came up reorganized by category.

“But then I saw that this resort had different areas like the hotel and golf course. I wasn’t sure if you wanted the data divided between each of them by date or category too.” She pointed to the screen. “It shows overall good profits, but when you break it down, the hotel is doing a lot better than the golf course.”

She was right.

“But I’m not sure how to organize data within data.”

“May I?” I nodded toward the mouse, not wanting to touch her again. Well that’s not true. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to fuck her until this excruciating need aching in my cock was satisfied.

She moved her hand, and I took the mouse and began clicking various functions on the spreadsheet. I glanced down at her, noting how intently she was watching what I was doing.

Finally, the data was reorganized by the various areas of the resort.

She looked up at me with those amazing blue eyes. “Would you like me to do that with the other data too?”

What I wanted would probably make her blush. “Yes.”

She stared up at me, biting her lower lip, making me crazy with a desire to taste her. Her lips were fucking fantastic. Pink and full, and holy fuck, they tasted delicious. It was only as that thought rolled through my brain that I realized I was kissing her.

I was about to stop until I realized she was kissing me back. At least I thought she was. Her head turned slightly, giving me better access to her mouth. Her lips were soft as they moved against mine. I ran my tongue along the seam of her lips seeing if she’d open for me. Her lips parted, and then I knew for sure that she was kissing me back. Her tongue snaked out, lapping against mine.

Fire raced through my body, and all I could think about was getting naked and pounding away until I’d released every ounce of cum in my body.

Shit. What was I doing? I pulled back. “Sara… I’m sorry…” I was a man that usually took what he wanted, especially from a willing woman. But Sara worked for me. The whole point of her being in my office was to keep her from falling prey to my horny brother, and yet here I was kissing her and considering fucking her on her desk.

“It’s okay…”

Please don’t call me sir, I thought as she started to speak.

“I liked it.” She gave me that smile that was both sweet and sensual. Did she know she did that? There was also a vulnerability in her expression. Like she was worried she’d fallen short.

“I liked it too,” I said wanting to reassure her. “But it’s not appropriate. I’m supposed to be watching out for you.”

“I don’t feel taken advantage of or violated,” she said.

I cocked my head. “Have you ever felt like that?”

She looked down. I realized she must have. A woman who looked like her probably couldn’t escape fuckhead men wanting something from her in exchange for their help. I wanted pummel all of them. Then I wondered if I was any different. I was her boss and I wanted to fuck her. Of course, I hadn’t offered her anything in exchange for sexual favors, but I had just kissed her and I had power over her.

“I’m sorry, Sara,” I said again, feeling like a complete and total douche.

“Please don’t be sorry.” She put her hand over mine on her desk and looked up at me. I stared into her brilliant blue eyes and realized I wasn’t the one with power here. I was bewitched by my intern.

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