Marriage of Convenience by Katy Kaylee

Chapter 24


I was completely overwhelmed by Chase. That wasn’t unusual. He was a potent man. But usually I was overwhelmed by his broody emotions and demanding ways. Now I was overwhelmed by his gentleness and the way he touched me. Something was different.

He hadn’t sent me back to my room last night. In fact, he asked me to stay in his. I wanted desperately to believe that meant something. Maybe he didn’t love me, but perhaps he cared for me beyond just being his wife on paper only. Maybe he was seeing our arrangement less as a business deal and more as a relationship. But when I woke that morning to an empty bed, I was certain he regretted asking me to stay. I was sure I’d find him sleeping on the couch as he had the last time I stayed in his bed.

To my surprise, he was up having breakfast. When I joined him, he pulled me into his lap. The next thing I knew, he was whisking me away on a private plane to some exotic place. So much was going on, that I could hardly catch my breath.

And now, he was laying over me, kissing me gently yet with the passion that inflamed my body. The way he’d looked at me as I modeled the bikinis made me feel powerful in my femininity. Yes, he was lusting after me, but there was more to it. Maybe not love. But I saw respect and care. The way Chase looked at me had something deeper in it than the way my professor or even Glen looked at me. I felt that Chase really saw me, not just a sexual being.

I wasn’t sure how he felt about me as he sucked my nipple through the red fabric of the swimsuit, but I knew how I felt. Despite all the times he’d doubted me, I loved him. I loved that he wanted to protect me. I loved that he admitted he was wrong and apologized. I loved that he was willing to take time away from his business to give me respite from his family.

“I wish I could go slow with you,” he murmured in my ear as I helped him get undressed. “You make me need too much.”

“I need too, Chase.” I reached for his dick, but he pushed my hand away.

“Not yet, baby. This a long flight. I intend to make the most of it.” He took my hands in his and pushed them over my head.

My insides went liquid hot at the way his gaze devoured my body.

“I’m going to taste every inch of you.”

“Can I taste you too?” I wanted to make him feel the same pleasure he gave me. I wanted to touch him and have him feel my love for him. I wanted to please him sexually beyond what his other women had. Considering I didn’t know much about sex, that was crazy wish, but I’d have him teach me exactly what he liked. Maybe this marriage started out as a business deal, but maybe it could evolve into something more.

He groaned. “Maybe. I probably won’t last that long.”

Good to his word, he started by kissing me again, until I was a mixture of bonelessness and coiled need. Then he suckled my breasts until I was writhing, nearly begging him to touch me between my legs. I slipped my hand down, to take care of it myself.

He levered up, watching. “What are you doing?”

“I need to come.” I felt like I was about to come apart.

“Touch yourself, Sara. I want to watch you make yourself come.”

His words snapped me from my erotic haze. Embarrassed, I pulled my hand back over my belly.

“No,” he said, taking my hand and moving it back down between my legs. “I want to watch you.”

I swallowed. “Will you do it too? Touch yourself?”

Fire blazed in his eyes. “Alright.” He knelt over me, giving his dick one long stroke. “Now you.”

I slid my fingers through my folds and my hips arched at the sweet sensation. I started to close my eyes, but then I didn’t want to miss watching him. I was eager to know how he pleasured himself.

He stroked himself again. “I’m waiting.”

I massaged my opening, and sighed at the sensation.

“What about your tits?” He cupped his balls, gently fondling them as his dick stood straight out.

With my free hand, I kneaded my breast and then squeezed my nipple, moaning at the spike of pleasure it sent to my center.

“Your clit is hard and red, Sara.” He leaned over, supporting himself on one hand while he rubbed the tip of his dick on my hard sensitive nub.

“Ohhh.” I arched my head back as more pressure built in my center.

“Make yourself come,” he said again, stroking himself slowly.

I was close mostly from his words and the erotic situation. I moved my fingers to my clit and began to rub, making my hips gyrate from my ministrations.

He returned to his position kneeling over me, slowly moving his hand up and down his shaft. I wondered if he’d come on me and what it would look like.

“So fucking sexy, Sara,” he said, his eyes intently watching me pleasure myself, and his hand rubbed over his tip.

My fingers moved faster as the pressure built and built. “Oh… I’m coming…” My entire body went taut as my orgasm hit, and then my hips moved as I worked the pleasure, wringing it out.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

I opened my eyes to find him stroking himself faster. Then he focused on just the end, rubbing it between his thumb and fingers.

His head dropped back, as that mixture of pleasure and pain showed on his face.

I sat up, wanting a closer look. I wanted to feel his smooth velvety tip against my lips. I snaked out my tongue, lapping at his pre-cum.

“Ah fuck Sara.”

I lifted my gaze. He was watching me. He moved the tip of his dick over my lips, rubbing his pre-cum on them as he continued to stroke himself.

“Put your sexy mouth on him,” he said roughly. “Suck it hard, Sara.”

I opened my mouth, pressing my lips around the velvety tip, and sucking like I would a lollipop..

“Ah fuck, I’m coming…” He started to move back as he continued to stroke himself.

“I want to taste you.” I put my hands on his ass and pulled him back to my mouth.

A deep feral growl came from him as his hips bucked forward, and hot liquid filled my mouth.

“Ah yes, suck it, Sara… take it all… oh fuck… so good.”

I sucked and licked and hoped I was doing it right. When some of his cum dripped from the side of my mouth, I worried I might be doing it wrong.

Finally, his dick felt softer in my mouth. He sat back on his heels, his breath coming in harsh gasps.

“You fucking undo me, Sara.” He wrapped his arms around me as he collapsed next to me.

“That was okay?”

He laughed. “Did you notice that I came?”

I blushed. “Yes, but did you like it? Not all orgasms are the same, at least according to what I’ve read.”

He lifted his head to look at me. “Are you saying that you’ve had some subpar orgasms with me?”

“No.” I worried he was now offended. “You drive me mad.”

He smiled, and lay back with a satisfied smile, and then frowned. “You’ve read about sex?”

I bit my bottom lip feeling self-conscious about how little I knew about sex. Heck, about life in general. “I was curious and wanted to do it right. I read about other stuff too.”

“Like what?”

“Self-help stuff mostly.”

He pursed his lips. “You believe that bullshit?”

“That bullshit got me here.”

“Huh. What did you learn from your sex books?”

“Not as much as I’ve learned from you.”

He grinned. It occurred to me that Chase liked being praised on his bedroom skills.

“I want to please you.”

His eyes softened, and he pulled me close. “You do, Sara. The fact that I can hardly control myself and the fact that I spew copious amounts of cum should tell you that you do.”

I felt pleased to hear it. I guess I liked being praised too. I nestled against him, so glad that I could. He was now allowing some intimacy after sex. I cautioned myself against thinking too much about it. It wasn’t wise to think it meant too much. There was definitely a change in our relationship, but that didn’t mean we were going to have a traditional, loving marriage. I needed to be careful that my wish for his love didn’t cloud the reality of our situation. We were in this deal for the long-term, but I could still get my heart broken if I hoped for the fairy tale.

He rolled away from me. “You get some rest, okay?”

He got out of the bed and started dressing.

“Where are you going?” I asked, worried that his leaving was a sign that he didn’t like how close we seemed to be. Perhaps his limit for cuddling had been hit, or he was having second thoughts about letting me be close.

“I want to check on the arrangements for our arrival and follow up on some business. I promise there won’t be business on the island, but I do want to check on some last-minute things.”

“Yes, of course. The company is important.” That’s what this marriage was all about. Chase was business first, and even if he started to feel something for me, I knew I’d always be second to his work.

He stopped in the middle of buttoning his shirt and looked at me with his piercing gray eyes. “You’re important too, Sara.”

And just like that, I felt like he’d given me the world with those words. They weren’t a confession of love. I still needed to guard my heart. But for a man like Chase who hid all emotions except displeasure, his words were probably the closest I’d get to an expression of care.

I smiled, holding back the words I wanted to say to him.

“Get your rest. You’re going to need it.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“So will you.” I stretched out in what I hoped was a seductive pose.

He groaned. “You may need to go easy on me.” He winked and left the little room.

I snuggled into the bedding. Even on the airplane, the sheets felt softer than I’d ever had in my own bed growing up. With Chase I felt like Cinderella who finally found her prince, but fairy tales weren’t real, I reminded myself.

As easily as Chase had opened up to me more, he could just as easily close up. The run-in with my professor proved that. God, I wished there was a way to leave my past behind. That was the whole reason I left home and came to New York City. I wanted to start a new life and reinvent myself.

But as it turned out, leaving the past behind was impossible. It was like baggage that always stayed with me. I had to hope that both Glen and my professor would recognize that taking on the Raven family was a mistake and stay away.

Another part of me worried they’d think they could sell lies about me or extort money from Chase. They were just smart enough to recognize the financial potential of my connection to the Raven family, and dumb enough to think they could force Chase’s hand.

The plane tilted slightly reminding me where I was and where I was going. Now wasn’t the time to worry about Glen or my professor. Chase was whisking me away to a private getaway. I needed to focus on that. Because I was extremely tired, I did as Chase suggested, and closed my eyes to rest. I wanted to be completely present during my honeymoon with my husband.

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