Marriage of Convenience by Katy Kaylee

Chapter 23


It was clear to me that something was different about Sara from other women I’d been with and it both excited and scared the shit out of me. Hearing another man say she was willing to give herself to him in exchange for an internship made my brain short circuit. She was right, she had a body that made men not think straight, including me. So once again, I let the idea that she’d use it to get ahead stick in my brain, when everything I knew about her suggested the opposite.

But she stood up for herself. Not just against that asshole professor, who if my father didn’t ruin, I would. But also, to me. I hated that she compared me to these other men, and yet, even I could see that at times I let my lust cloud judgement. Fortunately, I was evolved enough to get over that. But I’d need to remember that she’d been innocent until me. That she didn’t have an agenda any more than I did in this marriage. In the end, I’d need to trust her, and that terrified me. I’d never trusted a woman before. Not fully.

But right now, with her in my arms, I wanted to give her every piece of me. I’d never felt like this before, which also scared me. Right now, I wasn’t going to fight it because I had to prove that I was on her side. That I respected her.

Sex wasn’t the solution to relationship problems, but it was the one area she and I were completely in sync. Watching her beautiful face as pleasure washed through her body and she cried out my name made me feel powerful. And in awe of the trust she put in me. She not only surrendered her body sexually but also to bear me a child. I needed to do better to honor her and what she was giving me.

When we pulled up to my building, my cock was hard as a rock and desperate with the need to be inside her. I wasn’t joking that I probably couldn’t wait. Fortunately, as I loaded us into the private elevator and pressed her against the wall, she was with me. Her hands quickly undid my pants as I pulled her dress up. Thank fuck she hadn’t put her panties on because the minute I wrapped her thigh around my waist and sank into her hot wet pussy, I started coming.

I pumped and pumped inside her, loving the sweet sounds she made with each thrust. I wanted her to come again, but I was too lost in my own release to do anything but let myself go. I was at her mercy.

“Chase!” she cried out. Her body went taut, and her pussy clamped down on my dick, and good Christ, I was coming again.

The elevator reached my penthouse, but I was too lost in her to stop.

When I was done, I gripped her around the waist with one arm, and the other hand I pressed against the wall to keep myself upright.

Both of us were breathing heavily, too much to talk. But eventually, I was able to pull away, press the door open button since the door had closed, and carry her, still wrapped around me, into the apartment. I headed straight for my bedroom, and with a groan, collapsed on the bed with her.

“Fuck,” I was finally able to muster.

She rolled off me and onto her back. “I agree.”

I laughed. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Say what?” Her head turned to look at me.


A pink tinge came to her cheeks. It was adorable.

“I don’t talk like that.”

“You did to professor fuckface,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, well, I was mad.”

I rolled to my side. “I’m sorry I doubted you. I won’t do that again.”

She smiled, but I had a feeling that she didn’t believe me. She probably knew I’d try to act right, but that I’d probably lose it again. I hoped I’d be able to prove her wrong.

“However, fuck is a word that can be for more than expressing anger.”

“I know. You say it when you touch me sometimes.”

“Does it bother you?” It would be hard to stop saying it, but if she didn’t like it, I’d try.

“No. It turns me on. It makes me think I’m irresistible.”

“You are that, Sara.” I reached out and caressed her face. “Do you find me sexy?”

She grinned. “You know I do.”

“How do I know?”

She took my hand and pressed it over her tit. “You make me ache with need.” Her nipple hardened under my hand. Christ, she was insatiable. She brought my hand lower. “And you make me wet.” I stroked her pussy, filled with my cum and her juices.

She looked me in the eyes. “I hope your baby is growing already.”

My heart rolled in my chest.

“I hope he looks like you,” she added.

Jesus, she fucking undid me. “And that he’s as sweet as you.” I kissed her, this time working to take things a bit slower, which wasn’t easy, because once she got me going, my need was like a pressurized bomb.

We came together, and I pulled her close, kissing her temple, completely at peace and contented with her in my arms. It was a foreign feeling, yet completely welcome.

Eventually, she rolled away and started to get up.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To my room.”

Jesus, I was a fucking asshole. I reached out for her. “Stay here.”

She looked at me as if she wasn’t sure what I said.

“Stay,” I said again.

She lay back down and let me pull her back into my arms. I loved the feeling of having her there and I had an overwhelming desire to make sure she stayed there forever, but that feeling was foreign too. Was it love? Or was I just bewitched by a captivating woman?

A part of me wanted to tell her what I was thinking, but I wasn’t sure what it meant. I wanted her to sleep in my bed. To raise my child, perhaps even several children. I wanted her to believe that I cared for her and thought she was special. I wanted to turn this deal we had into something else.

My stomach flipped in a mixture of fear and excitement. I was in new territory here and was uncertain what to do. Right now, my only thought was to keep her close. But if I was to truly make her feel settled, I needed to be a better husband. She put up with so much since we entered our deal. Not just from me but also from my brothers.

I’d have to figure out something I could do for her, but right now, I was exhausted. I looked down, and Sara was already asleep. I closed my eyes and let sleep come.

The next morning, I woke knowing exactly what I needed to do. We hadn’t had a honeymoon, and while I couldn’t take any significant time off, I could whisk her away for a quick retreat.

She was still sound asleep in my bed. Waking with her there seemed like the most natural and perfect thing. I didn’t want to leave her, but I had things to do. I quietly slipped from bed, and after a quick shower and dressing, I headed out to the kitchen.

“Good morning, Mr. Raven,” Mrs. Childs was in the kitchen making some sort of breakfast pastry.

“Good morning, Mrs. Childs.” I grabbed coffee, my cell phone and headed out to the terrace to begin setting my plans in motion.

I had everything in place by the time Sara emerged looking like she’d been thoroughly ravished the night before.

“I’ll have your hot water for tea in a moment, Mrs. Raven,” Mrs. Childs said as she brought out the muffins she made.

“Thank you, Mrs. Childs.”

“How’d you sleep?” I asked, taking her arm and pulling her into my lap before she could sit in a chair at the table. “Because I slept like a baby.”

She smiled so sweetly. “I did too.”

“I’ve planned a surprise.”

Her eyes flashed with wariness.

“Don’t worry. You won’t have to put up with stuffy rich people, although I don’t know why you worry. You captivated everyone at the party.”

“I doubt that.”

“How about a honeymoon to relax?”

Her smile was wide. “Honeymoon?”

I nodded. “Pack for a place that’s warm. In fact, all you need is a bikini.”

She bit her lower lip. “I don’t have one of those.”

Jesus, how was it possible this woman didn’t have a swimsuit? “I’ll arrange to have some brought to you. In the meantime, eat your breakfast and then pack. I’ll need to take care of a little business, but then we can leave.”

“Okay.” She slipped from my lap as Mrs. Childs arrived with her tea and some eggs.

I stood. “I’ll see you in a few.” I kissed her forehead and went to my office. I worked through some details of the Florida deal. I wanted to try to have it all ironed out before I called my dad and let him know I was heading out of town for a week.

“Everything alright with Sara?” my father asked first thing.


“She’s a fine young woman, Chase. I must say I was disappointed you didn’t stand up for her against that man. Did you know that other women have accused him of misconduct?”

“I’m disappointed in myself. I plan to make it up to her, which is why I called. I’m taking her to the island for a week as a honeymoon.”

I waited for him to say something about the Florida deal or that I need to put the company first.


I shook my head. He really was different.

“She’s a smart woman. A little young and naïve, but smart. She’ll be good for you if you let her. I’m a little bothered by the fact that you’re probably using her. I can only hope that her good spirit will change you instead of you making her jaded.”

“Always good to know how you feel about me, dad.”

“I love you Chase. I love all you boys. But that doesn’t mean I’m not worried about how disconnected you are from the important things in life.”

Deciding to move the conversation on, I said, “The Florida deal should be done. I’m arranging the next step.”

“Send me the details and I’ll watch over it while you’re gone.”

When the call was done, I wondered what had so significantly changed my father. Then again, I was feeling different too. Had Sara done that?

Later, I grabbed my bag and then Sara’s and escorted her down to the car. An hour after that, we were on a Raven private jet, hurtling south toward our island in the Caribbean.

Sara was gawking out the window. “I’ve never been on a plane before.”

“I love seeing the world through your eyes. You find wonder in everything.”

Her smile was radiant. “You’re jaded, that’s why you miss the wonder.”

Her words reminded me of my father’s sentiments earlier. “Look what I arranged for you.” I showed her a suitcase filled with bikinis I arranged a private shopper to have delivered.

Her eyes widened. “So many?”

“Pick the ones you like.”

She pulled out a red one that I particularly liked. There were solid colors, florals and multicolor options.

“You should try them on,” I suggested.

She gave me a coy smile, telling me she knew what I was asking. Fortunately, she went along.

“Which would you like to see?”

“The red one.”

She took that one and several others to the back room I pointed out to her. A few minutes later, she came out wearing a green polka dot bikini. My dick liked all her silky skin showing under the little swatches of fabric. Next she tried on a white floral one. My dick liked that one too. By the fifth bikini, I was about ready to take my dick in my own hand, he was so hard. Then she emerged wearing the red bikini. The halter design of the top accentuated her fabulous tits and strong shoulders. The bottoms were cut to show off her sexy legs.

“You look uncomfortable,” she said with a coy knowing smile as she sauntered toward me in the suit.

“I’m fucking dying.”

“Poor Chase.” She straddled my thighs, rubbing her cleft over my throbbing cock.

“How about another lesson,” I said picking her up and making my way to the private room.


“It’s more like an initiation into the mile-high club.”

“Will there be hazing?” she asked.

“No, just fucking.”

“Do I have to pay dues?”

“Only to me.” I looked down at her. She was so beautiful. So open. So mine.

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