Marriage of Convenience by Katy Kaylee

Chapter 9


I was going to combust. I couldn’t remember ever needing to fuck a woman so badly as I needed to be inside Sara.

When I’d come back from my call, I was initially amused and yes, still turned on, as I watched her move on the dance floor. Until I saw that fuckhead grind his dick against her. Then, I saw red when he didn’t listen to her and instead continued to accost her. I wanted to hit him, but managed to rein in my temper enough to push him away and get security to escort him out.

Once he was gone, I watched her dance. She was a natural the way her hips swayed, her tits bounced, and her eyes closed as if she was experiencing bliss. All I could think about was having her dance like that underneath me as I fucked her.

But she was my intern, and I maintained good behavior until she kissed me. Then all bets were off. I had to have her or die.

I laid her on the closest surface I could, once in my door and her fantastic tits were there for the sucking. I knew they’d be perfect; round and soft, with pink hard nipples.

Her panties had been wet in the car, but now looking at her pussy, I could see she was soaked. All for me.

“You’re going to be fucking fantastic,” I groaned at her response. Her hips rocked with need and her breath was coming in gasps. “You’re so tied up. You need me bad, don’t you baby?”


Now sheathed, I pressed against that hot wet pussy. “Do you like slow or fast, Sara?” I wanted to pound away in a fast, furious fuck, but I’d fight to take my time to draw this out if that’s what she preferred.

She gasped and her head dropped back. I took that to mean this ride was up to me. I pushed in a little further, and her pussy felt snug and fucking fantastic.

“Mmm… you’re tight. I like that.” I withdrew slightly.

“Don’t stop,” she begged me.

I laughed, loving the desperate need in her voice.

I pushed in again, watching her face as I did. My fingers gripped her hips, and I adjusted my stance as I got ready to plunge home.

“Ready baby?”

She nodded.

I withdrew again, and then surged my hips forward until they were flush against hers. She let out a sharp gasp as I pushed past a barrier.

A barrier? “Ah fuck!” I growled as realization hit, followed by anger. “You’re a virgin?”

Why the hell didn’t she tell me? I started to pull out, but her fingers gripped my shoulders, and her legs wrapped around me.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” She kissed me and her pussy contracted, sending white hot sparks racing through my cock.

“Fuck!” My body responded on its own, my hips starting to buck. I held on to her hips as I start to fuck her, harder, faster. Good Christ, it felt so good and I was speeding like a fucking freight train to oblivion. I was teetering on the edge, but I knew from experience, orgasms were a million times better when a woman’s pussy gripped my cock hard and sent me over.

“Come on, Sara,” I growl at her, partly angry for her deception and crazy with the need for her tight body to give me what I craved. I rubbed my thumb over her hard clit.

She cried out and threw her head back. Her pussy clamped down so hard on my cock, stars burst in the back of my eyes.

“Fuuuuccckkkk…” Intense pleasure raced through my body, as I pumped into her until I couldn’t imagine that I had any cum left.

When it was done, I took a moment to catch my breath. But quickly, the realization of what I’d done, and the ramifications of it, blasted through the haze of pleasure.

I stepped back, yanking off the condom, tying the end, and tossing it in the waste basket under the hall table.

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” Jesus, it was bad enough that I’d broken the rule about no fucking staff, but she was a virgin?

Her eyes went wide with fear and I nearly felt bad for yelling at her.

She sucked in a shuddering breath as she slid off the table and pulled her skirt down then reached for her shirt and tugged it on. “I’m sorry.”

Fucking Christ. She looked so young and innocent, making me feel like an asshole.

I inhaled a deep breath to calm myself. “Why did you kiss me and… I thought you were experienced, Sara.”

Her face flashed with a mixture of pain and annoyance. “Everyone does.”

I shook my head. “What does that mean?”

She looked up at me, and this time I saw a fire in her eyes. “You and everyone else assumes that just because I have a good body, I use it.”

Now I did feel like an asshole jerk. I wasn’t like everybody, was I?

No I wasn’t. Great body or not, I respected women. “I’d have never touched you if I’d known.” Or maybe I would have, but I’d have taken more care. Instead, her first time was a frenetic wild ride on my hall table.

“I thought you would stop if you knew, and I didn’t want you to. I wanted to have sex with you.”

My warning bell went off in my brain. I narrowed my eyes at her. “Why? What are you after Sara? Are you going to blackmail me? Use this to sue the company? Try to worm your way into a marriage?”

She shocked me by laughing derisively. I felt it like a slap.

“Men are ridiculous. You’re angry that I’ve never had sex and at the same time accusing me of using sex to get something I want. Which is it, Chase? Am I innocent or a whore?”

I wasn’t going to take the bait. “You said you wanted to have sex with me. Why me?”

She sighed and I saw the fight leave her, although she didn’t look defeated. She was more like resigned. “I thought you were different from the others. You made me feel different.” She picked up her purse. “But you’re not.”

“What’s your story?” I asked working to keep from defending myself.

She shrugged. “I’m a poor girl with no support, no money, and very little life experience, who is simply trying to make her way in the world.”

“By seducing rich men?”

She flinched. “I’d do anything to have a man really see me.”

“I see you just fine.” What the fuck was she talking about?

“No. You see these,” she said cupping her breasts. “It’s all any man sees. No one sees me.” She picked up her purse and started toward the elevator.

I didn’t like that she kept making me out to be an asshole so I let her go. “My driver will take you home.”

She stepped into the elevator and didn’t acknowledge me as the doors closed.

Fucking hell. I messaged down to my driver to let her know she was coming down and to take her home. Then I went to my bar and poured three-fingers of scotch. Jesus, what the fuck just happened?

I drank the scotch in one gulp and poured more. Taking it to my couch, I sat, pinching the bridge of my nose.

I’m a poor girl with no support, no money, and very little life experience, who is simply trying to make her way in the world.

Yeah right, I thought. She might have been a virgin, but she was smart and not necessarily innocent. She knew the way men saw her and used that to her advantage. I supposed it was a testament to her skill that she hadn’t had to give up the goods to get where she was. Until now. Until me.

I ignored her comments about her thinking I was different. I’m a fucking man with a dick. Of course, I saw her body.

The question was, what was her plan? What was she after or was she really just trying to move up in the world?

I’m a poor girl with no support, no money, and very little life experience, who is simply trying to make her way in the world.

I sat up as a thought flashed in my head. I’m a rich man in need of a wife and child to get my inheritance.

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